Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Endorses Mary "Squeaky" Kelleher, Jack "Gibberish" Stevens & James "Kushner" Hill For TRWD Board

James "Kushner" Hill, Mary "Squeaky" Kelleher, Jack "Gibberish" Stevens
This morning when I did my morning perusal of various online news sources by the time I got to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram I saw that which you see here.

An editorial titled Keep ‘squeaky wheel’ on water district board.

I figured the person the Star-Telegram considered to be a "squeaky wheel" would be Mary Kelleher.

I figured right.

Among the many things Mary "Squeaky" Kelleher's squeaking helped fix, or improve, were items such as insisting the polluted water of the Trinity River be tested regularly whilst America's Biggest Boondoggle was encouraging locals to participate in Rockin' the River Happy Hour Feces Floats at an imaginary pavilion on an imaginary island near an imaginary beach at an imaginary world class waterfront music venue.

Although Mary "Squeaky" Kelleher has been able to render some situations less squeaky she has not received nearly enough grease to stop the squeaking of the Tarrant Regional Water District and its Board continuing to be the proud sponsors of America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

America's Biggest Boondoggle is referred to in the most bizarre  paragraph in this badly written editorial...

Stevens said completing the pipeline is his No. 1 goal if voters return him to the board, along with maintaining flood control. The Panther Island floodway “town lake” project downtown is on schedule from TRWD’s end and awaits state bridge construction, he said.

One of the three candidates endorsed by the Star-Telegram is incumbent Jack Stevens, he being the source of the nonsensical gibberish in the above paragraph.

The Panther Island floodway? The "town lake" project downtown? Is on schedule? Bridges await state construction?

Is this Jack Steven incumbent actually not aware that those bridges have been under construction ever since a big TNT explosive ceremony celebrated the start of bridge construction years ago, with the bridge construction now stalled for over a year, with that construction stall's reason also left unexplained for over a year?

The Star-Telegram makes no mention of one of the TRWD Board candidates, that being locally well-regarded realtor, Andra Beatty.  Andra Beatty, along with Mary Kelleher, was endorsed by the Star-Telegraph recently in an endorsement asking the question Say WHAT???.

The Star-Telegram's third TRWD endorsement, the only non-incumbent endorsed, is James Hill. Apparently the Star-Telegram is following the national  trend of having in-experienced thirty-somethings, like James Hill's look-alike, Jared Kushner, in positions for which they have no experience.

Then again, maybe it is Fort Worth which started the national trend of putting young incompetents in positions for which they have zero experience.

How old was J.D. Granger when he was given the Trinity River Vision Authority Executive Director job for which it is now obvious he was woefully unqualified? What with that vision turning into America's Biggest Boondoggle, currently with those three bridge's construction halted for over a year, with those three stalled simple bridges intended to connect the Fort Worth mainland to that imaginary island, with maybe, someday, a ditch dug under the bridges, with water added.

Why does the Star-Telegram editorial make no mention of Andra Beatty? The editorial felt the need to bring up the Dallas boogeyman, Monte Bennett, and his supposedly self-serving previous election machinations, supposedly intended to prevent a TRWD pipeline from crossing his property.

Yet no mention made of well regarded local realtor, Andra Beatty.

But the Star-Telegram does tell its readers that candidate Leah King is also worthy of consideration.

The Star-Telegram editorial does not tell its readers that Leah King was part of the Chesapeake Energy operation which wreaked havoc in Fort Worth and Tarrant County before Chesapeake's disgraced exit from the prominent position it held in Fort Worth and Tarrant County earlier in this century.

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