Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hiking To The Top Of Wichita Falls

You are looking at Wichita Falls here. Wichita Falls is not in Kansas. Wichita Falls is in Texas.

I have seen Wichita Falls many times over the years, as I passed through Wichita Falls on the freeway.

But today was the first time I visited Wichita Falls, up close, with a lot of other people.

My access point to Wichita Falls was via Lucy Park. Lucy Park was very busy today, with a lot of people having themselves a mighty fine time.

Including one of the nicest people I've met yet in Wichita Falls. She was manning a booth for the nearby Texas Travel Center. She gave me a map and chapstick, along with a lot of good information, including where the famous Wichita Falls mountain bike trail is located.

The most charming thing I saw today was the scene below.

Grandma was taking a picture of one of her granddaughters holding her baby sister. It was darn cute.

You can hike a brick trail that meanders to the top of Wichita Falls. That is that view below.

What one finds at the top of Wichita Falls is a bit surprising. I suspect Wichita Falls is the only waterfall in the world to flow from such a thing.

You can see that which is at the top of Wichita Falls in the video below, along with listening to my pithy commentary and a look at the view from the top of Wichita Falls.

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