Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Continuing Trouble With Fubbo The Hut

Yesterday I blogged about my inability to be rid of the entity known as Fubbo the Hut.

Fubbo the Hut has claimed multiple times she does not read my blog, due to Fubbo's claim that what she reads leaves her feeling humiliated and disparaged. There are never ever actual factual details provided as to what is humiliating or disparaging, because such actual factual details do not exist.

Like I said yesterday, one can glean the entire Trouble with Fubbo via reading the post titled I Need A Heavy Duty Lifting Device To Get Fubbo The Hut Off My Blog.

When Fubbo the Hut acts up, my way of dealing with it has been a well administered, well deserved Bitch Slap.

As recently as yesterday Fubbo the Hut was told, "if Fubbo does not want me giving her well deserved Bitch Slaps all she has to do is quit emailing me, quit commenting on my blog, quit commenting about me on other blogs and quit lying about me."

Within minutes of me blogging yesterday about not being able to be rid of Fubbo, Fubbo showed up on my blog stats, reading my blog, which she claims she never reads, due to that humiliating, disparaging thing.

So, what does Fubbo the Hut do after she reads the blog post telling her how to avoid getting Bitch Slapped? She makes the following blog comment....

lulu has left a new comment on your post "Apparently Without Incarceration It Is Impossible To Make Fubbo The Hut Go Away": 

unsubscribe, you had to subscribe to get the newsletter. unsubscribe, easy as that. 

In the above comment Fubbo the Hut is calling herself Lulu, which is the name she goes by on the Internet. I nicknamed Fubbo the Hut, Lulu, way back in the last century, way before Fubbo the Hut seemed a more appropriate nickname.

Repeating the graphic from the top, a screen cap from the email Fubbo the Hut sent me. Please note that the email is sent to "dean." I go by the nickname of "Durango" on the Internet, not the name my mom and dad gave me. I also am never so lazy as not to hit the shift key when a letter needs to be capitalized. Note that in her blog comment Fubbo the Hut, aka, Lulu, is too lazy to do any shift key capitalizing.

Fubbo claims that I subscribed to her flea market newsletter. How likely does that seem? Subscribed as "dean". Even more unlikely.

So, what we actually have here are 3 Fubbo the Hut behaviors she has been told to cease if she wants not to get Bitch Slapped.

First off, it is obvious that Fubbo/Lulu subscribed "dean" to her flea market newsletter, for who knows what neurotic reason.

Second off, Fubbo/Lulu made yet one more comment on my blog.

Third off, in that comment, Fubbo/Lulu once again lied about me.

I tell you, several years ago I wasted way too much time trying to figure out what was wrong with Fubbo the Hut and what made her this way. If I remember right it was via reading the court ordered psychiatric exam I learned Fubbo was a sociopath. I figured out on my own she had Histrionic Narcissistic Disorder, likely exacerbated by Only Child Syndrome. Mix in a psychotropic drug addiction and some other mental mishaps and the whole shebang is just easier to sum up by simply realizing Fubbo the Hut is pretty much a high functioning insane person.

Please note that the above paragraph is the promised Bitch Slap delivered because of Fubbo the Hut engaging in those 3 behaviors she'd been advised to cease.


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, Durango Dean.

Durango said...

Yeah, Anonymous, Fubbo the Hut is gift that just keeps on giving, even after you try and return it.

MLK said...

Ok this is getting serious. I don't like this troll messing with my fav blogger. DM me on FB and let me know how I can meet this person in TacKYtown.

Durango said...

Oh Oh MLK, are you wanting to go Texas Whoop Ass on Fubbo? Apparently Fubbo has a flea market on the second Saturday of each month at the old Tacoma Post Office. I learned this via Fubbo's newsletter that I did not subscribe to. Pay your $5 admission charge and just look for the person who bears a remarkable resemblance to Jabba the Hut.

lulu said...

You will be happy to know that I personally went and removed you from the list. You seemed to have opened every one of the newsletter's we sent you. Nice you like to keep such a good eye on me. But really, you can move on now.

Durango said...

Fubbo/Lulu, it was you who added me to your list, so it is a rare instance of you doing the right thing, for you to remove me from this list. Yet you could not stop yourself from lying, yet again, claiming you somehow can tell I opened every one of these newsletters. Methinks it is you who spends too much energy keeping an eye on me, via stalking my blog. So, me additionally thinks it would really behoove you to take your own advice and move on. Preferably to another planet.

Tacoma Girl said...

Durango, you do know, I assume, since you seem to know what Histrionic Personality Disorder is, that Fubbo will keep doing the very thing you are advising her not to do, because this is one of the behaviors of those who have this disorder. Fubbo can not stop herself from commenting on your blog. Or lying in the comments. Or stalking your blog.

Wikipedia nicely sums this disorder for those of you who know Fubbo and wonder why she acts the way she acts.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jeezus man, having some dumbass insane chick being such a tool monkey would at least be sort of not completely sick if she was not a total UGGO looking like a Star Wars monster. Feel for you man. You some type of crazy lady magnet?

Anonymous said...

You sure nailed it more than once when you've said Fubbo just makes stuff up. Does not seem to cross her mind how obvious her lies are. To claim you opened all her emails. On something like Facebook you can get that type information, but not from an email sent to an email account on some remote server. Are most of the people that Fubbo associates as stupid as she is, is that why she thinks she can get away with making up stuff?

Anonymous said...

I thought you were legally bound to not comment on her anymore-not so?

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, I think you have it backwards as to who has some being legally bound issues.