Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Need A Heavy Duty Lifting Device To Get Fubbo The Hut Off My Blog

Yesterday I got a call regarding the Fubbogate Scandal. The caller had read Fubbo the Hut's Facebook rantings and was also a longtime reader of my blog. The caller asked me what it is that Fubbo the Hut is so upset about and what it is Fubbo thinks I have done to her.

I told the caller that Fubbo the Hut's tantrums have been triggered by my blog posts.

The caller then rhetorically opined, but you don't ever mention Fubbo the Hut's actual name, how would anyone know this is her that you are talking about?

Good question.

Does the term paranoid neurotic mean anything to anyone?

The blog post that triggered Fubbo the Hut's recent display of bad behavior was from way back in June, titled You Pathological Lying Cheaters Are Easily Busted. The person whose pathological lying I was describing was not named. But, it was a Fubbo the Hut lie that I was talking about. Fubbo recognized her lie and then made a totally stupid comment to that blogging, containing more lies, which is what is known as irony.

In December I blogged about Fubbo the Hut's ironic comment in a blogging titled The Lingering Creepy Weirdness Of Fubbo The Hut.

It was the December blog post about Fubbo the Hut, with its details of more Fubbo madness, which set off her Facebook ranting. I blogged about this in a blogging titled The Lingering Creepy Weirdness Of Fubbo The Hut On Facebook.

Apparently Fubbo thought she'd blocked me from Facebook, which made her think she was in the free and clear to do some more of her pathological lying, in the Facebook venue.

I then got a call telling me Fubbo the Hut was blowing up again on Facebook. I had had enough of reading Fubbo's Facebook ranting, so I did not look at it, but I blogged Time Heals All Wounds & Wounds All Heals Including Fubbo The Hut.

A short time later I learned that this latest Fubbo the Hut Facebook blowup was not just attacking me, but that she was going after innocents who had done absolutely nothing to warrant the wrath of a creepy quarter ton sociopathic psychotic monster. I blogged about this in Contemplating Throwing Fubbo The Hut Off Fosdick Falls.

Now, here is where it gets even more amusingly ironic. One of Fubbo the Hut's lies has been that I have been stalking her. Near as I can tell, by stalking her, Fubbo means I read her blog and then blog about what I read.

Truth of the matter is, Fubbo the Hut's now dead blog was not even remotely interesting, with her writing being borderline illiterate. There was nothing there to stalk.

Have I made fun a time or two of something ridiculous on Fubbo's blog that I read myself or was told about?


Is that stalking?


One would need to be an idiot to think this is stalking.

An idiot. Or Fubbo the Hut.

With Fubbo the Hut, what she accuses someone else of doing she is likely the one doing it. Like stalking blogs. She's been caught more than once making rude anonymous comments, about me, on various blogs. Of late she has been stalking this very blog you are reading right now, over and over and over again throughout the day and night. The below shows up on my blog stats multiple times 24/7...

The blog posts about Fubbo the Hut's sociopathic madness are being a bit interesting, stats-wise. As in the number of pageviews of the various blog posts about Fubbo the Hut have been way higher than is the norm. For instance, the blog post that triggered Fubbo's paranoia, The Lingering Creepy Weirdness Of Fubbo The Hut has had well over 1,000 page views. The most recent post about Fubbo, Contemplating Throwing Fubbo The Hut Off Fosdick Falls has had over 600 pageviews.

What is causing all these pageviews? It can't be accounted for by Fubbo the Hut's chronic stalking.

It is very perplexing.


Anonymous said...

LM's I mean Fubbo's FB ranting being caused by your blog posts where you don't identify her and where you were writing about silly stuff you read on her blog or silly things people told you is several steps past odd. Why would anyone in their right mind get so bent out of shape over something like this? Your not fabricating things out of whole cloth and your not naming names. I have read other sympathise that this must be very disturbing for you and I agree.

Tacoma Girl said...

You don't identify Fubbo by name, but it is sort of clear that Fubbo is in Tacoma. There really are not all that many large women waddling around Tacoma who look like a Star Wars character, which does seem to narrow the possible suspects!!!!

Anonymous said...

Durango, I don't think it speaks well for you that you persist in taunting this person, which you indeed are doing. I don't find reading such blogs of yours to be time well spent, and I have a feeling of melancholy after reading your Fubbo blogs. Sorry...but I don't find them humorous. I am not into junior-high-type feuds and name-calling. I don't know the whole story, and I am not taking one side over the other. I just wonder if you keep taunting this woman because she will then frequent your blog and thus run up the number of hits to your blog, which will benefit you financially.

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, thank you for your nicely stated opinion. I don't disagree with you regarding junior high type feuds. But, in my defense.

Fubbo started it.

As for taunting, those who know Fubbo the Hut would tell you she is a World Class Taunter, Olympic Level, whilst I am a Mere Amateur.

I don't think Fubbo could possibly singly account for the big number of page views of the Fubbo bloggings. So, any perceived taunting does not benefit me, money-wise, due to causing Fubbo to do excessive blog stalking.

If Fubbo behaves herself this should be the last time you see Fubbo mentioned in a blog post. However, is she does misbehave again, and I feel like blogging about it, to avoid a dose of melancholy, I would strongly advise that you avoid reading any blog post where you see the Fubbo word in the title.

Thank you again for your input. I appreciate it when someone states a counter view in a totally non-vitriolic way.

Cee L said...

Unlike the anonymous person who did not like reading about Fubbo and did not find it humorous and who said they did not know the whole story. I am one who does know the whole story. I do find the way you deal with it is humorous. If anything I think you err on the side of restraint.

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the FB page she started about you? You have your detractors . Funny stuff.

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, no I've not caught this FB page you are talking about. I am sure it is absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

When I read the Fubbo FB rant I thought the thing that likely pissed you off the most was Fubbo telling your sister that you are the most cruel person she has ever known. Us who have longtime dealt with Fubbo remember when she had you on a very high pedestal, singing your praises. What did you do that was so cruel? Did you steal all the money from your last living relative, leaving that relative to die penniless and homeless? Because that would really make you a really cruel person, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why would any man in his right mind stay married to this woman is what I can not help but be curious about. A long time ago I asked the same question saying something like this really is some sort of proof that love is truly blind, deaf and blind.

L T said...

That woman really is a piece of work claiming on Facebook you use material from her blog to humiliate her on your blog. Yet you do not identify her on your blog. She makes accusations on Facebook which gives you more material to humiliate her with. She thinks you are not able to know what she says on Facebook which means she does not realize that she has friends on Facebook who might see through her crap and tell you about what she is saying. It is as if she thinks she has magically blocked all her friends from communicating to you about her. There is a psych term for this type thinking but I don't remember what it is besides maybe delusional being part of it.

Peter said...

Reading back all the links in this post is like gathering evidence to solve a crime. I think the crime is lying, with the liar being the person you now call Fubbo. I think her latest episode started with her being embarrassed at you detailing a stupid lie she told about flying free to Phoenix. Then she makes a comment to that where she tries to both humiliate and disparage you, telling you that people who knew you in high school know what a zero loser you are. You then pointed out that Fubbo was continuing with her lying by making the ridiculous assertion that people somehow know who you are talking about who did the free flying and that you are the one who is the blogger talking about it. On Facebook she then tells people that it is you who is using material on her blog to humiliate and disparage her!!!! How incredibly sick and twisted. I think you handle this with amazing grace, all things considered. That this person would involve herself with your sisters, after you have so totally discredited and disassociated yourself with her must feel to you like you have some sort of parasite infection.

Big E said...

Regarding the creepy ways of the person you call Fubbo. You're forgetting the creepy/weird/stupid lie she told after the incidences where her IP address identified her as a rude comment maker. A couple months went by and she used Facebook, just like her current creepiness, to make up a lie about you being the one making comments about her! And to make herself seem even stupider she claimed to have gone to the FBI!!! Who told her there was nothing they could do. Then another stupid person advised her to save emails to show the FBI. Then she told her Facebook idiots that that worked and the FBI was coming to talk to her and check out her computer!!!

Durango said...

Big E, I think I thought of the bizarre "talking to the FBI" lie whilst reading the more recent Fubbo idiocy. My muy stupido sister also commented on that Fubbo FBI Facebook lie. The dumb person who advised Fubbo to save emails to show the FBI is the commenter I referred to as Dull Dishwasher in Fubbo's more recent Facebook dementia.

Essgel said...

The funniest example of Fubbo getting caught lying happened a long time ago, back before cell phones, when phones had a rotary dial and a switch hook that turned the dial tone off and on and disconnected the phone from a call.

You were not at this momentous event. I think you were at college on the other side of the mountains. This happened at a party in a dorm room in Bellingham. Fubbo was doing a lot of fluttering about her boyfriend. To use your type wordage, I'll call him her "imaginary" boyfriend. I'll call him Jon, beause that was his name.

Fubbo was going on and on about her "imaginary" romance with her "imaginary" boyfriend, Jon. To us listening this seemed very unlikely that Jon would be hooking up with Fubbo. She was not as big then as she is now, but still, no more of the male population considered her hook-worthy, then, than do now. At some point Fubbo says she has to call her "imaginary" boyfriend, Jon, about that night's "imaginary" date. Fubbo goes to the phone and dials out. Then has a long, detailed, flirty conversation with her "imaginary" boyfriend, Jon.

And then the phone rang!!!!!!!!!!!

Fubbo had been having an "imaginary" conversation with her "imaginary" boyfriend, holding down the switch hook while she had the "imaginary" conversation!!!!

The dorm room of partiers cracked up. Fubbo got red-faced embarrassed and quickly left.

Would you not think that after decades of getting embarrassed by her lies that Fubbo would learn to stop with ridiculously stupid lies?

Durango said...

Essgel---I remember being told the Fubbo phone story, way back in ancient times. That was a long long long time ago. You know, reminding me of this incident causes my annoying empathy complex to kick in. Fubbo has been so messed up for so long, you really can't help but sort of feel sorry for her. Then I remember all the people she's done wrong to, including me and my empathy complex retreats....