Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Heals All Wounds & Wounds All Heels Including Fubbo The Hut

The past couple days I've heard from a couple of my Tacoma Informants, telling me that Fubbo the Hut is back ranting crazy stuff again, crazy stuff that makes absolutely no sense.

Apparently the crazy ranting is taking place on Facebook again.

Fubbo the Hut erroneously thinks she has me blocked from viewing her Facebook ranting.

I don't think I am going to look at it this time. It just sort of makes me sad. And then I feel motivated to do some copying, pasting and cropping, followed by a blogging making fun of Fubbo the Hut's irrational, pathological, creepy lying.

It is sort of like shooting a real fat fish in a really small barrel. Not fair game.

The thing is, time really does heal all wounds, and wound all heels. Fubbo the Hut is a wounded heel. A fat wounded heel with a serious criminal record. And a reputation that can be summed up by the fact that people are warned not to leave a purse unattended in a room where Fubbo the Hut is in attendance.


Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I couldn't stop myself from going to Facebook to see what Fubbo is ranting now. Reading the comments makes me want to ask you if your sister is retarded.

Durango said...

Anonymous, up til a couple years ago, when I became involved with Paradise Center, where I learned there is an agency in this state called Texas Mental Health Mental Retardation which indicated to me that I was apparently of the erroneous assumption that using the word "retard" was totally politically incorrect.

Now, to answer your question. I only have two sisters and neither could possibly be considered retarded. One is a lawyer, the other is a high functioning mom.

There was a 3rd pseudo sibling sister who our parental units always told us they found in a cabbage patch because she was so different than the rest of us, and I guess that cabbage patch being the sibling source was supposed to explain the difference. I can see where one might think that this 3rd pseudo sibling sister might be retarded, but that seems really harsh to me.

Anonymous said...

Does it seem strange that all your comments are annonymous ? Why is that?

Durango said...

Dear latest Anonymous. I'm guessing you might provide the answer to the question you ask, since you commented as Anonymous.

Anonymous has long been the #1 commenter on all my blogs. My guess is this is so because I let anyone comment, you don't have to log in with some validating account, you can choose a name, id, Google account or simply be Anonymous.

I tell you there have been times when I have gotten totally confused with several Anonymouses commenting to one blog post. And then to have one of the Anonymouses get cranky because I confused him or her with another Anonymous.

You suggest that all commenters comment as Anonymous. I just looked at the latest 100 of the more than 6,000 blog comments and it appears that overall way less than half are Anonymous. I think Anonymous spikes when the subject is controversial and the person does not want to risk the wrath of something like Fubbo the Hut.

Anonymous said...

WHY to people comment as anonymous..no one wants the ugly turned their way....look what happens