Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Lingering Creepy Weirdness Of Fubbo The Hut On Facebook

Last month, I blogged about my ongoing problem with the stalking weirdness of the criminal sociopath known as Fubbo the Hut, in a blogging titled The Lingering Creepy Weirdness Of Fubbo The Hut.

At the end of the blogging I wrote..."Well, that ends this amusing blogging about Fubbo the Hut. I'll be sure and share any incoming Fubbo the Hut lunacy should it occur....."

Well, a couple days ago I got a call telling me I should check out Fubbo the Hut's latest lunacy on Facebook.

Let us review a little history. Way back in August of 2008, when I realized that Fubbo the Hut was no longer anyone I wanted to have anything to do with, I was quite perplexed trying to figure out what in the world I'd been dealing with.

And how to be totally rid of it.

Over the course of multiple bloggings I sorted it out to my satisfaction, that being that this person exhibited classic Only Child Syndrome behaviors, exhibited Histrionic Narcissistic behaviors, was a Sociopath, Prescription Medication Addict and a Pathological Liar.

After I opined my explanation for the Fubbo behaviors I'd experienced, in the time since then, I have read Fubbo the Hut assign to me most of the syndromes I associated with her, except for claiming me to be a Prescription Medication Addict  Pathological Liar or a sufferer from Only Child Syndrome.

It seems that me accurately identifying Fubbo the Hut as a Sociopath hit home the hardest. I believe she's been diagnosed as such by psychiatrists who examined her during the course of Fubbo the Hut being prosecuted for her crimes. And, so, of course, Fubbo the Hut now opines in any venue she can, that I am a Sociopath. Which is sort of ironically amusing, what with me suffering with a highly evolved Empathy Complex, which is about dead opposite of being a Sociopath.

In my blogging about the lingering creepy weirdness of Fubbo the Hut I was motivated to have fun making fun of Fubbo, once again, due to, once again, Fubbo making a rude comment on my blog.

Fubbo's rude comments on my blog and other blogs have been chronic.

In Fubbo the Hut's Facebook rant she claims she removed her blog because I was using the material on that blog to humiliate her.


Who put that humiliating material there?

That causes the humiliation?

If you read the blogging about this you will see I was getting emails asking about oddball things Fubbo was claiming on her blog that defied believability. I was not extracting humiliating material from her now dead blog. It was being emailed to me.

In Fubbo's Facebook rant she claims she "tried every means, to get me to stop."

Every means? What would those be?

To get me to stop what? To stop me telling the truth about her?

In Fubbo's Facebook rant she claims she realized I will never give up?

Give up what?

Give up being disgusted at her being such a disgusting human being?

I think I've already mentioned that Fubbo got struck with the dumbstick, so I'll try and clearly make it real clear for her. Fubbo, if you don't want me reacting to you, simply knock off the blog comments, the emails and the telling of lies about me. See how simple that is?

Then go on with your fabulous life. Do you think you can manage this? Learning how to say "I am sorry, I behaved badly" might also reap benefits for you. But you're a Sociopath, so that avenue is not really available to you...


Tacoma Girl said...

Fubbo must not realize people read your blog and are able to figure out she is lying about you. She thinks she has somehow blocked you from seeing what she is saying on Facebook about you, which explains why she thinks she can get away with lying. Then she has people believing her lies and offering to set you straight, she panics, begs them not to, for fear of riling you up. It really is not all that hard to figure out that you're the victim here, not Fubbo.

Durango said...

Tacoma Girl, it is so frustrating, like an Alice Through The Looking Glass, or Down The Rabbit Hole thing, where all is backwards, up is down, wrong is right, yes is no, stupid is smart.

Of those morons commenting on Fubbo's Facebook rant, too stupid to figure out Fubbo is a morally bankrupt, conscience-less, sociopathic mental case, I know who two of the commenters are, both being extremely neurotic dipsomaniacs who are human sleeping pills in person, whom I've long been blessed with not dealing with in person, except very very rarely, for well over a decade now. I highly doubt there will ever come a circumstance where I will ever see either of those individuals in person again.

Texas is a blessing in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your troubled experience with the person you're now calling Fubbo ever since you were first disgusted with her way back in 2008. I've commented before, as Anonymous, explaining I still deal in her pond and fear retribution and her wrath.

What she wrote on Facebook is disturbed. She makes it sounds like you've done something horrible to her. She hoped deleting her blog helped? She finally realized you'd never give up? She told your sister you'd caused her lots of problems. What would those be? Do you know when it was that she stopped referring to you as her best friend and second husband and started saying you are a sociopath? She calls you cruel? That comment she made that you blogged about that seems to be what set her off this time, was that not cruel?

If it helps you feel any better about this madness, there are a lot of people in Tacoma who know who is the sociopath.

Durango said...

Anonymous, I remember you commenting before and using the "retribution" word. Regarding your questions. I think I've already mentioned that Fubbo is a pathological liar. She makes stuff up. It'd be really interesting, I am sure, to have Fubbo list all the problems she claims I've caused her. I don't know when it was I became a sociopath and ceased being her best friend. Likely it was at some point in time after I opined that she was a sociopath. With a criminal record. Her "cruel" comment to which you refer, was just one of many over the years. Part of her being a sociopath is she does what she accuses others of doing. Hell hath no fury like a very large woman scorned. I've heard that said somewhere, before.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Fubbo will understand you basically saying if she does not want you to blog about her bad behavior, all she has to do is stop behaving badly? This seems like a rather simple solution to her problem.

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, Fubbo deleted her blog, explaining doing so by lying about me using it to humiliate her, then proceeded to provide fresh humiliating material on Facebook, where she thought she was good to go with the lying, because she erroneously thought she'd blocked me from Facebook. I think I may have mentioned that Fubbo is both nuts and dumb. A real dumbnut.

Deb said...

She is such a difficult person. On Facebook she is reacting to you blogging that you'd finally decided to give up thinking you were ever going to get rid of this person, that you were accepting she is like a virus or cancer you can't get rid of. You shared one of her recent comments she has made on your blog. Then on Facebook she claims it is she who has tried to get you to leave her alone. Her words on Facebook are rude and uncalled for, what someone might say are a bit cruel. But, she claims you are the most cruel person she has ever known. You used to be so nice, but now you are so cruel. I get why someone said this is like looking through a looking glass all distorted and upside down. You seem to deal with it as dignified as it calls for. Your sister should be ashamed of herself. How hateful and uncalled for. I would not fault you at all if you totally disowned her.

Anonymous said...

Simply put, she is a horrible human being.

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, are you saying Fubbo the Hut is a horrible human or my sister is a horrible human? Or both?

Hypocrite Hunter said...

In response to Mad Bottom Runger asking Fubbo to call him about this horrible creep who caused Fubbo to remove her blog, Fubbo tells Mad Bottom Runger not to worry, that the creep is all fart and no flame.

That's charming.

She is pretty much saying the creep is harmless. So why then does she say she was furious at the creep for using her own words to allegedly humiliate and disparage her???????

If the creep is harmless and not worth bothering with, then why is Fubbo being bothered?

Durango said...

Hypocrite Hunter---you are making the mistake of trying to process Fubbo the Hut's nonsense with logic. Logic does not exist in the mind of Fubbo the Hut, so using logic to try and analyze the product of that mind is totally futile and fruitless.