Thursday, January 10, 2013

Contemplating Throwing Fubbo The Hut Off Fosdick Falls With Grandpa Gar Going Bang Bang Boom Boom

Fosdick Falls in Oakland Lake Park
I was not too surprised today to see that the deluge of the past couple days has Fosdick Lake's Fosdick Creek roaring over Fosdick Falls in Oakland Lake Park.

The volume of water falling was not quite sufficient to make the earth tremble, but is was sufficient to make a good strong water falling noise.

Shorts and a t-shirt were not quite sufficient outer wear coverage today. The temperature was, allegedly, in the mid 50s. But, a strong wind, and clouds blocking the sun, made for some chilly outdoor aerobicizing.

Changing the subject from chilly Fosdick Falls to Fubbo the Hut.

I am feeling real bad about Fubbo the Hut. Well, not exactly bad about Fubbo, but bad about what Fubbo is doing to yet one more innocent victim of Fubbo the Hut's irrational, neurotic wrath.

Fubbo is claiming that Tacoma's Connie D has somehow betrayed Fubbo by somehow helping me do something imaginary to Fubbo the Hut.

I have referenced a time, or two, an entity I refer to as my "Tacoma Informant."

Well, this is actually more than one person. And they are not really informants. It's more a thing where I will get asked something, for instance, "Do you know what Fubbo did to Jon Bob?" I then will ask one of my Tacoma Informants who the hell Jon Bob is and if they know what Fubbo did to them.

I believe Fubbo the Hut is convinced Connie D is my Tacoma Informant and the blog commenter who calls herself  "Tacoma Girl."

Fubbo the Hut is making up all sorts of twisted lies regarding this, and is insinuating that she feels in danger, scared of what Connie D and me are going to do to her.

This is all quite unsettling.

And totally horrible to be doing to Connie D, who has never talked to me about Fubbo the Hut. Connie D Facebook friended me years ago, which I assume is the source of Fubbo the Hut's paranoia.

As for my "Tacoma Informants". None of those, who I refer to as such, actually lives in Tacoma. One is in Puyallup, one is in Seattle, with another one in Snohomish.

Changing the subject from the sick subject of Fubbo the Hut to something more normal.

I learned today that Gar the Texan is getting married, yet again. I assume that this time the wife will be able to speak English. I really think being able to communicate would be useful if one wants to be married to someone.

It is not all that much of a surprise to learn that Gar the Texan is getting married again. I have lost track of what number this will be. Wife #4? Or is it #5?

The surprising news, from Gar the Texan, that I learned today, is that he is about to become a Grandpa.

How can Gar the Texan be old enough to be a Grandpa?

Maybe Gar the Texan is just being tricky, leaving out a detail or two. Like maybe the new wife has a Grandkid, which would make Gar the Texan a step-Grandpa, upon marrying the new wife.

And on one more Gar the Texan note, before I shut up, a couple weeks ago Gar blogged about Seeing Red, which had to do with his fixation on redheads. The blogging included the video you see below, Beth Hart singing Bang Bang Boom Boom. This song has become, for me, what I believe is called an Earworm. Meaning I can't get Bang Bang Boom Boom out of my head. It's very addictive...

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Tacoma's Connie D is not the same as the Texas Connie D. These are totally different people, who have the same first name and last names which start with the same letter, that being "D".


Anonymous said...

I guess some people are just more optimistic than me. Wife 4 or 5? Obviously something isn't working.

Double Ugly said...

I guess we will never know about the hidden things that went on between Durango Jones and Fubbo Jones. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Carry on, brah.

Anonymous said...

I just went to who I believe to be Fubbo , and there is nothing in there about you or your informants . Could it be that Fubbo is less interested in you than you would like to believe? I guess it is better than reading about your really boring life.

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, if that really is your name. You seem to be quite a detective. Figuring out who Fubbo the Hut is. Then figuring out that Fubbo is less interested in me than I am in her. And also knowing how boring my pathetic life is.

If you actually did find Fubbo on Facebook, actually knowing Fubbo's real name, and if all reference to me has been deleted, well, I guess that would seem to indicate Fubbo realizes she can not hide from her lies.

If you go to an earlier blogging on my blog, you will see a screencap of Fubbo's irrational ranting, which you would have already seen, if you had actually gone to Fubbo on Facebook, and if she'd not deleted her mean-spirited psychotic ranting.

Tacoma Girl said...

Durango------I think that that last Anonymous is probably Fubbo the Hut. Don't you? She must have removed her posts that you pointed out where rife with lies, including the really disturbed one about Connie, who, by the way, I am not. I know who Connie is. She is a sweet girl with a good reputation, unlike Fubbo, who is not a sweet girl and who does not have a good reputation.

Durango said...

Tacoma Girl, I am way too simple minded a Southern boy to think convoluted enough to think that that latest Anonymous was Fubbo. Then again, I have long gone wrong underestimating the depths of madness to which Fubbo the Hut's shenanigans can go.

Anonymous said...

On no, Lm still has stuff posted about the informants...what a load of bull she needs to get a job

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, that is dismaying. One thinks common sense and decency will take over, but then I realize we are dealing with a mentally ill person here who does not know right from wrong in the way mentally healthy people do. Maybe law enforcement is looking at her again. Best case scenario, behind bars, again. Or in a mental institution. Is Western State Hospital still operating in Lakewood? That is really conveniently close to Taooma. Do they still perform lobotomies there?

Sal Gal said...

That Anonymous suggestion that Miss Fubbo get a real job is a good one, except I don't think the person offering this suggestion considered that most jobs require a background check.