Friday, April 5, 2013

Apparently Without Incarceration It Is Impossible To Make Fubbo The Hut Go Away

It is time to revisit everyone's favorite subject, that being Fubbo the Hut and the Fubbogate Scandal.

Short recap: In December Fubbo the Hut went into irrational lying mode on Facebook after I'd administered a well deserved Bitch Slap to Fubbo on my blog.

In that Bitch Slap I said I'd been trying to rid myself of the creep known as Fubbo the Hut for 4 years, to no avail and was now simply going to accept the fact that there was no getting rid of this pest.

In Fubbo's Facebook ranting she basically mirrored what I'd said about her, flipping it back at me, with a lot of grammar errors and logic lapses, with Fubbo thinking she was good to go with the lying due to Fubbo erroneously thinking she'd blocked me from reading her Facebook vileness.

The Fubbo the Hut Fubbogate Scandal is neatly summed up, with links to all the relevant blog posts, that so upset Fubbo that, even though it made no sense to do so, Fubbo deleted her blog, claiming this to be her latest attempt to stop me from doing the imaginary things she lies about me doing. This summing up is in a blog post titled, I Need A Heavy Duty Lifting Device To Get Fubbo The Hut Off My Blog.

The I Need A Heavy Duty Lifting Device To Get Fubbo The Hut Off My Blog generated some rather amusing comments. As did many of the other posts on this troubling subject, comments from comment makers who were smart enough to see the truth through Fubbo the Hut's lying nonsense.

Now, the reason I am once again mentioning Fubbo the Hut and her creepy weirdness, is during the course of me reacting, in blog posts, to her irrational, lying nonsense, I repeated, multiple times, words to the effect, that if Fubbo does not want me giving her well deserved Bitch Slaps all she has to do is quit emailing me, quit commenting on my blog, quit commenting about me on other blogs and quit lying about me.

To me this seemed simple enough for Fubbo the Hut to understand, just simply go away and be totally gone and I will have no reason say a word about this disturbingly disturbed person.

Well, Fubbo the Hut continues to email me. The above is a screencap of part of the latest email. I added my latest photo of Fubbo the Hut to the email screencap for illustrative purposes.

Why does Fubbo email me notices about her Flea Market? This makes no sense to me. Understanding the logic processes of a sociopath is difficult.

I usually do not open Fubbo the Hut's emails, but this latest one I did.


Well, several weeks ago I got an email from someone telling me that Fubbo was claiming, via her Flea Market advertisements, that she was making some sort of charity donation of whatever funds were generated via the admission fee charged to enter her fabulous Flea Market. The emailer asked me if I thought Fubbo would actually follow through, or would somehow "accidentally" keep the money.

Well, what with Fubbo the Hut's history with misappropriating funds, I could understand why the emailer was emailing with this particular question. If I remember right, some of the terms of Fubbo's probation or parole or whatever you call it, were that she was not to be in any business where she handled money. And that she was not to be involved, in any way, with elderly people.

Not to be involved with elderly people, and yet one of Fubbo's the Hut's new best friends is my elderly ex-sister.

Very perplexing....


V G said...

You are a couple thousand miles from Tacoma yet uncannily on target with the truth about Fubbo.

Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe Fub sends you those flea market emails thinking it is somehow going to impress you? More than one person has mentioned to me that she seems quite full of herself regarding the flea markets, like an over compensating thing.

lulu said...

unsubscribe, you had to subscribe to get the newsletter. unsubscribe, easy as that.

Durango said...

That is Fubbo the Hut calling herself Lulu in the above comment. Fubbo has been told multiple times she needs to stop commenting on my blog, stop stalking my blog and stop lying about me.

I did not subscribe a Fubbo's newsletter. Why would I? The email Fubbo is claiming I subscribed to comes to "dean", all lower case. I do not use my "dean" name on the Internet. I use "Durango". And I never am too lazy to hit the shift key to make a letter capitalized.