Monday, March 4, 2013

Walking A Dirt Path Sidewalk To Get To The Airport In One Of The World's Greatest Cities

Continuing on with my popular Fort Worth's Sad Sidewalk Situation Series.

Today I took another walking tour of my neighborhood.

In the picture you are looking north, standing on the east side of Bridgewood Drive.

If I wanted to take public mass transit to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, without using any personal vehicular transport, it would be on this well worn dirt path I would need to walk to get to the Richland Hills Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Station to get on a train to get to the Centrepoint Station where I would need to get off the TRE train to get on a bus to get to the airport to get on a plane.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is a very modern, well-designed operation.

Transportation systems to get to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are not very modern or well-designed.

If I were flying from D/FW International Airport to Sea-Tac International Airport, needing to get to a location in North Seattle, 25 miles north of the airport, I would get on a Sound Transit Link Light Rail train right at the airport, ride the rail to the downtown Seattle transit tunnel where I'd switch to a bus that would take me to within a block of my destination.

Returning to D/FW from my North Seattle location, it's a one-block walk on a sidewalk to a bus stop, then a bus ride to the downtown Seattle transit tunnel, then back on the Sound Transit Link Light Rail train to Sea-Tac.

Then, back in Texas, it is off the plane, a wait for a bus to take me to the Centrepoint Station to wait for a TRE train to take me to the Richland Hills Station where a very tired me walks the well worn dirt path back to my abode.

It is a real amazing miracle to me that Fort Worth is known, far and wide, as one of the Greatest Cities in the World...

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MLK said...

It's Texas! You call a friend or a Taxi to take you to the airport. If you are incoming, you rent a car.