Friday, March 1, 2013

People Get Run Over & Die Because Of The Lack Of Sidewalks In Fort Worth

Continuing on with my popular series of bloggings devoted to Fort Worth's sad sidewalk situation.

Yesterday my most recent blogging about Fort Worth's sad sidewalk situation got an interesting comment from Dannyboy...

Dannyboy has left a new comment on your post "A Sidewalk Free Fort Worth Walk With Poor People":

The FW Weekly raised the sidewalk issue in 2007, pointing out that people get run over and die because of the lack of sidewalks in FW.

Dannyboy's comment included a link to the article Here, the Sidewalks End, in FW Weekly about the sidewalk issue.

The Here, the Sidewalks End article was written by Dan McGraw.


I have seen dangerous walking situations on Fort Worth streets, but til I read this article in FW Weekly I did not realize that people have been killed in Fort Worth due to the sidewalk shortage.

Reading the article I was a bit appalled to learn that Fort Worth city officials, including then mayor Mike Moncrief, have long known Fort Worth has a sidewalk shortage.

Six years ago this was a known problem.

And yet, schools are still being built in Fort Worth with no sidewalks for kids to walk to school on, like the new John T. White Elementary on John T. White Road in my neighborhood.

But, kids can walk well worn dirt paths to get to John T. White Elementary.

How quaint.


Steve A said...

The car truly IS king around these parts when even the children are not considered...

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian movement is not in the plan.

Auto. Oriented.

I'm pretty sure walking is a socialist thing, anyway.