Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23 Facebook System Crash Upsetting Users World-Wide

UPDATE: As of 4:12pm, United States Central Time, Facebook is back working from this location.

I needed a break from too much time spent making webpages, so I went to see if anyone of my Scrabblers had Scrabbled on Facebook.

When I clicked on Facebook's login I got the hourglass wait icon and went off to do something else. When I got back I saw the "This webpage is not available" message you see here.

So, I then Googled "Facebook Down" to learn that Facebook has suffered a system-wide crash, this Thursday, September 23. I suspect a cyber attack from someone who finds Facebook annoying and symptomatic of the dumbing down of the entire world.

Apparently Facebook being in malfunction mode has Facebook's users in a panic all over the world, being deprived of using Facebook's highly evolved methods of communicating, users are having to resort to using Facebook's mutant cousin, Twitter.

I think what I will resort to, rather than Twitter, is going on a bike ride.


Anonymous said...

Apparently mark zuckerburg shut it down in protest 2 the social network movie coming out 2morrow. Its supposed 2 reveal a deep dark secret about him

Durango said...

Interesting conspiracy theory, Anonymous.

MATTHEW said...

Service Unavailable - DNS failure
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
Reference #11.27997b5c.1285275679.12fbd922


Toni Allen said...

When it happened, me and the kiddo were scrap-booking at the kitchen table and making up wacky stories about the shenanigans the pets get into when we're away from home (apparently, the bunny has tea parties with the ratties, and the cats order pizza and play music really loud), so I didn't realize it had even gone down 'til I logged in just now and saw all the "OMG, I'm so glad Facebook is back!" statuses. Glad I have a life outside of online social networking! How was your bike ride?

Durango said...

Toni, I don't get the panic over Facebook being down. I just heard on the radio it was upsetting people all over the world. Did none of these people use email before Facebook came along?

I ended up hiking the Tandy Hills instead of going on a bike ride. The hiking was good.