Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Texas If Water On Road Turn Around Don't Drown

You are looking south on Loop 820 in East Fort Worth, just north of the Trinity River.

Which is currently in heavy duty flood mode.

Ironically, where this sign is located, drivers had slowed way down, due to being looky-loos, looking at the flooding Trinity River.

Before noon, when I headed north on 820 and crossed the Trinity I was surprised at how high it was and how forcefully it was flooding to the north, with a strong current.

On the way back here, 2 hours later, the river was higher, had obviously not crested and was flooding into the industrial park that is north of the river on the west side of the freeway.

In the picture you are looking through my windshield and the rain at some flooded PODS at the north end of the aforementioned industrial park.

I am sure River Legacy Park is under water. The last time this happened it was something like 6 months before the mountain bike trail was bikeable again.

I think I'll head out of here and see what Trinity Falls by Gateway Park is looking like right now. Gateway Park may be closed.

Just as I typed 'closed' the sun broke through the clouds and brightened up the place. The rain stopped an hour or so ago.

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