Friday, September 17, 2010

Early Evening On The Cool Tandy Hills In Not So Cool Fort Worth

This new in the evening sunset activity kick I am on is sort of addictively fun. I got aerobic in bi-pedal mode earlier today. And before that I got aerobic in water immersion mode. Since I'd already been in bi-pedal mode today, that ruled out biking tonight out of Gateway Park or River Legacy Park.

That left the Tandy Hills as the natural choice for some sunset evening activity.

You are looking at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, in the picture, sitting under what looks like a hydrogen bomb exploding. I am fairly certain no hydrogen bomb was exploding over Fort Worth, rather hydrogen explosions on the sun were creating a big lighting effect over Fort Worth.

I have to say, hiking the Tandy Hills in the evening at 90 degrees is way cooler than hiking the Tandy Hills at noon at 85 degrees. Lots of shade. No blaring sun overhead. A strong breeze.

I was startled, on Lost Sunglasses Ridge, to hear auditory noises behind me. It was s human warning me that he was coming up behind me. A jogger. Guys jog on the Tandy Hills in the evening. I think I have seen that before, years ago.

In previous times I was not so rigid with my hiking schedule. I am working on loosening up my rigidity.

I started my sunset Tandy Hills Hike from the top of Mount Tandy, under the long shadow of the Fort Worth Space Needle.

The first thing one sees as one enters the Tandy Natural Zone is the Tandy Hills Shrine. Which, as you can see, is getting quite elaborately detailed. I added an element tonight, but felt at risk of upsetting the delicate balance.

I have so discombobulated my hiking and biking regimen, I have no idea what I am going to do on Saturday. I am sure it will all sort itself out.


Steve A said...

This is so complex, I think I'll go up to Seattle to get it all sorted out...

Don Young said...

That was me who inadvertently startled you tonight. I was hiking up the hills with Olive the Prairie Dog at about 7. We saw you from a short distance away. Olive looking for rabbits, me looking for inspiration. I found fossils and the same hydrogen explosions as you. Very poetic evening it was. You looked happy.

Durango said...

DY, I talked to the guy who startled me. He was mostly bald, so I know that was not you. I was on the hills around 7, so, I am thinking you did see me. And I was being very happy.