Thursday, September 24, 2009

Durango Jones Scottish Twitter Follower & Naked Germans

That is Kieran McCrorie. Kieran is my latest Twitter Follower. Each day I have more Twitter Followers than the day before. Why? I still don't know.

Kieran is located in Glasgow in the UK. I think Glasgow is in Scotland. I guess that would make Kieran a Scot. Kieran is the Design Director at Quiver. He has designed a new type of insulated bottle and wants to know what the world thinks.

I have not seen Kieran's bottle, so I don't know what I think about it.

I don't know why Kieran is following me on Twitter. It may have something to do with me long ago Twittering about Naked Hiking. One of Kieran's Tweets is "Gotta love the Germans and their naked ambition. Germany's First Nudist Hiking Trail Opens."

Kieran included a link to an article in Der Spiegel online about Germany's First Nudist Hiking Trail. Don't click on the link if seeing naked humans is upsetting to you. Or if you are one of the Fort Worth Gestapo. This website would likely trigger a Fort Worth Gestapo thug's write a stupid citation impulse.


Kieran said...

A most excellent Blog post sir, I particularly liked the subject of the article.

Clearly an erudite scottish chap looking to make his way in the world ;-).

Hi Durango, well you guessed it. It must have been the 'naked hiking chat'. I was doing a twitter search for 'hiking' to try and get my little design out there for opinion to those who get out in the field... and now here I am in your blog (which of course i'm going to have to put in our blog... because it's great).

I will of course now be reading your blogging activity...the phenomena of twitter rolls on.

All the best

Kieran (the Scot)

Durango said...

I agree, Kieran, the blog post to which you refer was a very interesting subject, then again, erudite Scottish chaps are always interesting.

Thank you very much for noting that my blog is great. I've not been the recipient of such high praise in all my previous days...