Tuesday, September 22, 2009

71 Year Old Fort Worth Man Gets Ticketed For Doing Yardwork Naked

Gar the Texan is always on the lookout for interesting, quirky info about Fort Worth and its neighbors.

Today Gar the Texan pointed me to a story which has gone national, with Fort Worth proudly attached to the story.

Seems a 71 year old Fort Worth man, likes to do yard work at his house near Lake Worth. The man has a privacy fence around his property, for the most part.

The 71 year old Fort Worth man, apparently, is a bit of a naturist. Nothing wrong with that, when you're minding your own business on your own property.

Unfortunately, while the 71 year old Fort Worth man was busy working on his backyard, wearing nothing but shoes, a female member of the Fort Worth Gestapo, Deputy L.M. Rowland, was doing some peeping tom work, looking through the privacy slats that were supposed to guard the 71 year old naked Fort Worth man's privacy.

The Fort Worth Gestapo agent was patrolling on a bicycle. She proceeded to pedal on to the 71 year old naked Fort Worth man's property. He saw her rolling in and ran into his house, despite the Gestapo agent's insistent demand that he stop.

Deputy Rowland stood at the 71 year old naked Fort Worth man's door, yelling for him to come outside. Eventually he did so, putting on a pair of shorts first, which he forgot to zip up. All noted in Deputy Rowland's police report, also noted was the fact that the unzipped shorts revealed that the 71 year old formerly naked Fort Worth man was wearing no underwear.

I'm shocked that this Fort Worth female Gestapo agent was ogling the 71 year old's private parts to check for underwear? Is this some form of sexual harassment or something?

Deputy Rowland proceeded to grill the 71 year old formerly naked Fort Worth man about his yard work habits. He admitted that he sometimes worked in his private backyard, naked.

I don't know how Deputy Rowland managed it without a patrol car, but somehow she determined that the 71 year old formerly naked Fort Worth man was not a sex offender. She then issued him a Class C misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct, under the Texas penal code 4201 A-10, for exposing his anus or genitals in a public place and is reckless about whether another may be present who will be offended or alarmed by his act.

The 71 year old Fort Worth man's backyard is a public place? Deputy Rowlands did not see exposed genitalia. All she saw was a bare butt running into the bare butt's house.

It's all very disturbing to me. In other parts of America there are naked bike rides, naked hikes, all sorts of naked things. Usually in public places. But in Fort Worth if you feel like beating the heat by pulling weeds without benefit of outerwear, a member of the Fort Worth Gestapo may be spying on you, chase you and ticket you. I could see, maybe, there being some legitimacy to these Gestapo tactics, if there had been complaints, made to the Gestapo, about a 71 year old Fort Worth man working in his backyard wearing nothing but shoes.

It seems a simple polite informational warning is all that was called for. Deputy Rowlands could have respectfully let the 71 year old Fort Worth man know that his nakedness was viewable from the road and that he should be a bit more modest. She really did not need to issue a ticket to a 71 year old man. I really think Deputy Rowlands should be investigated and possibly punished in some way for so outrageously violating the 71 year old Fort Worth man's privacy.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I agree with you! Privacy seems to have been invaded in this situation. I also think he should sue for mental anguish now that his picture has been plastered all over the place. I'm wondering if he shouldn't go with age discrimination.

Unfortunately, I've run across types that only see things in black and white.

Durango said...

Actually that is a picture I found on the Internet for illustrative purposes. The 71 year old naked Fort Worth man was not identified, either by name or photo.

I think the police woman has some answering to do. As in, if no one complained about a naked guy, and this police woman was basically being a peeping tom, and then invading the man's property. Well, it just ain't right.

Gar said...

You did a swell job of bringing this travesty to the masses.
In the news story I read, the offensive officer changed sexes. First Rowland was a she and later Rowland was a he.
I didn't bother to investigate Rowland's true gender.
Reminds me of another interesting story about running around the yard naked. It'll have to wait for another day.

Don Young said...

All I know is that I feel safer since this dangerous man has been disciplined. Seriously, this reminds me of the City of FW ordinance that says, in essence, that women's breasts and buttocks are more dangerous to the public than gas wells. I swear. 600' for gas wells. 1,000' feet for titty bars. That's the law. Now that I think about it, maybe they are more dangerous.

Durango said...

Don. Undisciplined titties can wreak all sorts of havoc on the world. They are best left regulated. 71 year old geezers working on their yard, in private, should be left alone.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Gar, did I catch that right? Officer Rowland is some sorta of sex change candidate? Do tell...

Have you ever been to a Hooters on a Saturday night? Quite dangerous. They're always having to put out the wet floor signs from all the drool.

Gar said...

You kind of have to read the story.

In the first part of the story it says, "Fort Worth police tell NBCDFW that when the 71-year-old man saw the female deputy coming toward him he dropped the trimmer and ran into the house in the 9800 block of Watercress Drive."

Then later it says, "As he rode by Deputy Rowland observed CIT1 through the East Fence and Gate as he weedeated the South Side of the yard."

As to your other comment, I have contributed to alleged drool. However, in my neck of the woods they now have Bonedaddy's, appropriately named Twin Peaks, Cutie Pies, and the newest is Redneck Heaven all equipped with scantily clad waitresses.

Tonasket Tootsie said...

what`s the world coming to when ya cant mow...in your own yard nakie when it`s extremly hot out?
by the way sweetheart is that man in that picture you?