Thursday, June 5, 2008

George W. Bush Eminent Domain Abuser?

This morning I Googled "dallas cowboy stadium scandal" and was surprised to see this search string brought up 644,000 hits. I was a little less surprised to see that this very blog Googled #1 for that search striing with my Eyes on Texas website Googling #2.

But what really surprised me was some of the info this search string brought up. As in I did not know that there had been eminent domain abuse in Arlington prior to the outrageous, should be criminal, abuse that was done to get land for the new Dallas Cowboy stadium.

None other than our Dearly Beloved Leader, George W. Bush, was part of what New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof described "as a sordid tale of cronyism, of misuse of power, of cozy backroom money-grubbing -- a more pressing threat to American business than outright criminality." He called Bush's dealings appalling. "Even Kazakhstan," he said, "would blush at such practices."

Go here to read the New York Times article titled "Bush and The Texas Land Grab."

Go here to read another article on the same subject which references the NY Times article and is titled "Taking Propoerty, Bush's landgrab -- and the New York Times."

How did this guy get elected? Both as the governor of Texas. And the U.S. President. It's perplexing.

And what is wrong with the city of Arlington?

Who was it who said something like "That which you do to the least of us, you do to me?" Oh, yeah, Jesus. I've seen a lot of churches in Arlington. I've not paid close enough attention to ascertain if they are Christian churches. With Arlington's civic bad behavior regarding how the city allows its citizens to be treated, I suspect these must not be Christian churches. How did that happen in the Buckle of the Bible Belt?

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