Saturday, May 24, 2008

Heading to New York via Athens

It is Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. I'm in Texas. I've not done anything new and different in way too long. Or gone somewhere I've not been.

So, I think I'll take off for Athens and then go on to New York. I've not been to Athens before. It's supposed to be scenic.

Athens is about 30 miles south of Canton. Canton is about 100 miles east of Fort Worth. New York is about 13 miles east of Athens, near Lake Palestine.

So, what's the attraction in going to the Texas version of New York City you ask? Well, there's this Guided Adventure Tour thing with 6 ziplines called NY TX Zip Line Adventures. "Sky-High Thrills---Texas Style." I've long thought ziplines look fun, ever since seeing them on The Amazing Race.

From the NY Tex Zip Line Adventures website----

"Leave your fears you experience the thrill of a lifetime at New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures. You will be on a guided adventure tour with 6 ziplines topped off with some of the most breathtaking 30-plus mile views of the East Texas Countryside. Your zipline adventure will take you soaring through towering pines, hardwoods and high above the rocky hillside of one of the highest elevations in East Texas."

Doesn't that sound fun? The New York area of Texas is known as the Piney Woods Region. It's the part of Texas that to me looks the most like parts of Western Washington, hilly and green with trees.


Anonymous said...

Blue and Max have been asking to do this zipline - and it does look pretty cool. Did you really do it? Where are the pics?? And when are coming here???

Durango said...

To answer the last question first, in July. Answer to first question, no. Which sort of answers the second question.

Anonymous said...

Any specific day in July?

Anonymous said...


I am the owner of New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures and have had several visitors to my website through your blog. THANKS!

I am looking forward to meeting you when you come in July.

We have had several guests that have done other ziplines all around the country and have been told that we have a great one! Get ready for a thrill!

See you in July!

Thanks again,

Durango said...

Mr. Anonymous Zip Line Owner---

I'm afraid my words were confusing. Blue & Max were asking if I really ziplined. I answered no. When they asked when I was 'coming here.' They meant when am I coming to Tacoma. To which I replied 'July.'

But, that's towards the end of July. If you want to give me a freebie Zipline Adventure for 2, I'm guessing I could get myself to New York in July and blog about it.

connie shultz said...

hello again,

I have not read you blog in some time. If you are still coming my way, call me for your zipline tour. It is a blast! Your two free tickets are waiting on you.

thanks and good day,

Durango said...

I'm up in Washington right now. I'll get back August 20. I'd love to come do the zipline after I get back. And webpage my experience on my blog and my Eyes on Texas website, that being

Anonymous said...

Two Free Zip Tours waiting on you will be glad you came and zipped with us at New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures.

See ya soon,