Saturday, December 5, 2020

If Thunder Roars Go Indoors

I bundled up under a few layers of insulative outerwear this first Saturday of the 2020 version of December and took myself on a walk around Sikes Lake.

Arriving at the lake I saw the sign you see above, which I had not noticed previously, leading me to think this sign has recently been added.

Then again, this sign could have been there for a long time. I am not the most observant of observers.

I saw this sign as I drove past it. My quick glance reading of the sign turned Thunder into Tornado.

Thinking the sign was some sort of Tornado warning I was motivated to walk back to it to take a photo. And then comment that this was not a warning sign one might see in my old home zone on the west coast.

I was going to comment that one might see a "Volcano Eruption Evacuation Route" sign. Or out on the Pacific coast one might see a "Tsunami Evacuation Route" sign. But one would never find a Tornado warning sign.

But, one might find a Thunder warning sign on the west coast. Lightning does strike there. Though not nearly as frequently as I have experienced in Texas.

So, that has been my exciting Saturday, so far...

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