Monday, December 7, 2020

Hello Again From Washington Where The Mountain Was Out

Last week I blogged about someone saying Hello From Seattle Where The Mountain Is Out.

And then today I got a text message from the parental unit of David, Theo and Ruby, who is also my little sister, Michele, with the above photo attached.

With the text saying "The Mountain was out and incredible yesterday."

Those living in an area with no mountains have no clue why a mountain might be in or out. Let alone incredible.

I know a Texas local here in Wichita Falls. We shall call her Lauren. Because that is her name. Lauren has seldom been out of Texas. Lauren knows I am from Washington. Lauren had never been to Washington til last year, when she flew into Seattle to visit some Texas friends who had moved to that enlightened, modern, progressive, beautiful part of America.

Lauren told me she found it just overwhelming, mesmerizing. To look in any direction and see mountains. And then her friends took her to their cabin east of Eatonville. With that cabin having a direct in your face view of Mount Rainier.

When Lauren told me about this I told her at my old home location north of Seattle I could look out my windows at another Washington volcano, Mount Baker.

How could you move from such a place, Lauren asked?

Yeah, that question perplexes me regularly. 

I have no rational answer...

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