Sunday, December 27, 2020

Shadow Of The Bluffs Thin Man On Final 2020 Sunday

With the temperature nearing 70 on this last Sunday of the miserable year of 2020 I dressed like it was summer and rolled my motorized vehicle's wheels to the Wichita Bluff Nature Area to do some nature communing and fast hill hiking.

I really need to get serious about that getting in shape thing and losing my COVID poundage if I am going to make it under 200 by the start of 2021.

I did have a good thing happen today which brightened up my spirits a bit. On Christmas I texted a Merry Christmas to someone I'd not heard from for awhile, who I suspected was deep in dire misery due to the COVID nightmare. That text message got a reply saying something like "I think this message was intended for someone else".

And then this morning there was a Facebook comment from the party to whom I thought I had texted. I then clicked on Facebook messenger to send a message about the text message intended for someone else. In Facebook messenger I saw that the party in question had included her phone number in the most recent message, which was about two years old.

I then looked at the number I had in my phone and saw I was off by one digit, having an 8 where a 6 was needed.

I then texted the correct number and a series of messages which followed had me feeling way less isolated than I have been feeling of late. Which was a pleasant feeling to be having on this final Sunday of this miserable year...

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