Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sikes Lake Gazebo View Talking To Linda Lou


As you can see there is nary a ripple rippling Sikes Lake during the noon time frame, on this first Sunday of the 2020 version of December. With no wind and the temperature well north of 50 I took my bike's wheels for a spin for the first time in what seems a long time.

When I neared Sikes Lake my phone made its incoming call noise. At first opportunity to check I saw it was Linda Lou calling from my old home zone of Mount Vernon, Washington.

I put the phone back in its carrying case and continued on til I found a suitable location to call Linda Lou back.

That is the suitable location you see above. A gazebo on the north side of Sikes Lake. The last time I sat at this Gazebo was with Elsie Hotpepper. It seems like that was a couple years ago. So much has happened between then and now, it's hard to track the passage of time.

Linda Lou is feeling the same type COVID stir crazy I feel. This week I had one escape, going on an extended drive outside the city limits.

Linda Lou's one escape this week was to drive herself and Miss Honey Lulu on an extended drive, which ended up in the little town of Edison, where they found an outdoor lunching opportunity.

At my current location there is not what one might call a tourist town for miles and miles and miles. I've only see what I would call tourist towns a couple times since I have been in Texas. Fredericksburg comes to mind. And then I draw a blank. Canton, maybe.

My old home zone of the Skagit Valley has two of what you might call tourist towns. One is La Conner. The other is Edison. Edison was not a tourist town when I lived in the valley. It has blossomed as such in the years since I left. I last saw Edison in August of 2008 and was surprised at what the little town had become.

The Skagit Valley is also home to multiple casino resorts. Big ones.

From my current location, across the border, in Oklahoma, about 25 miles north, I can find a couple casino resorts. Little ones.

I am not a big fan of casinos. But, I do enjoy the resort part. And the buffets. When I lived in the Skagit Valley I think I frequented the Skagit Casino & Resort's buffet more than any other such feeding zone. But it was the Swinomish Casino & Lodge seafood buffet which was my favorite, though frequented far less frequently than the Skagit Casino buffet.

I do not know if I would trust a seafood buffet at my current location located so far from the nearest sea...

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