Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hunting The Wichita Bluffs For Santa But Finding The Roadrunner

 A couple minutes before leaving my abode this morning to go to the Wichita Bluffs Nature Area to do some communing with nature, along with getting some aerobically induced endorphins, my phone made its incoming text message noise.

It was my favorite nephew Theo texting, he being one of my Tacoma Trio of nephews and a niece. 

I texted Theo back that I wish he were here to go hiking with me. I told Theo that I learned yesterday someone had spotted a Santa on the Wichita Bluffs. The photo documenting this looked familiar. I told Theo I was going to go Santa hunting.

Theo texted back "Cool. I wish I could go..."

Well. I did not find Santa. Perhaps he has already moved on to his next location.

I did see something which I recently mentioned I had not seen for quite some time.

The Wichita Bluffs Roadrunner.

Well, today when I neared the high point on the Bluffs I saw something moving along a side trail. I quickly realized it was the Roadrunner. I gingerly reached in my pocket for the phone, quickly got the phone in camera mode and snapped the photo you see above. 

Can you find the Roadrunner through all that brush?

Continuing on...

The last time I was at the Wichita Bluffs Nature Area's designated Hoodoo construction area there were no Hoodoos. Just piles of rocks.

Today, as you can see above, a tall Hoodoo has risen.

If Theo had been hiking with me today my guess is we would have taken time out from hiking to assemble the rocks which had not already been Hoodoo-ed into a new Hoodoo.

Way back in August of 2017 I had myself a mighty fine time building sand castles with Theo at Birch Bay, up near the border with Canada in my old home state of Washington.

Since then Theo and his siblings, David and Ruby, have taken sand castle building classes at a sand castle building school in San Diego.

Next summer, if the plans do not once again go awry, I am looking forward to building sand castles at Birch Bay again, following Theo's engineering directions...

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