Monday, December 21, 2020

Texas Evangelical Republicans Rallying To Keep The Divine Trump Plan

 I have seen that which you see above the past couple days on the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's online version.

I am assuming the rally, photo documented above, took place in Fort Worth. Fort Worth may have a higher percentage of poorly educated right wing nut jobs than many other locations in Texas, and America.

But, sadly, these type delusional sorts exist all over America, like an un-checked virus, with no current vaccine, or search for a vaccine.

Clearly the American education system is not turning out enough well educated sorts who are able to process facts, reality and simple scientific truth.

I see pitiful examples of the inability to process facts, reality and simple scientific truth, every time I find myself in Walmart where I see arrogant, bloated, piggish morons strutting about like they think they are proving how free they are by refusing to wear a mask, ignoring the big signs at the entry to the store mandating a mask be worn, to protect employees and customers.

I wonder who those Walmart non-mask wearers voted for for president last election?

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Anonymous said...

God's plan? Methinks the only scheduled sending between the first and second coming is the anti-Christ.