Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wichita Bluff Side Trailing Off The Circle Trail Burning COVID Pounds

What you see here is one of my rare attempts to take one of those selfie photos many people seem to have no trouble taking.

For me it is difficult to see the screen in bright light whilst not remembering I can see the screen better if I take off the sunglasses.

This photo was taken in one of the most scenic areas within a range of a lot of miles of my current scenery scarce location.

The Wichita Bluff Nature Area.

I am standing on a side trail off the Circle Trail which meanders through the Nature Area. 

Directly behind me is one of the ubiquitous swinging benches one finds along the Circle Trail, with the one behind me being on one of that trail's side trails. 

Further behind me you see another swinging bench located on a side trail off the side trail off the Circle Trail.

It looks as if I am looking slightly grumpy in this selfie photo. I may be being slightly grumpy due to growing tired of my volunteer job of driving a senior citizen to multiple doctor appointments. Too many doctor visits and pharmacy visits has wreaked havoc with my regular schedule of biking and hiking.

The cold weather may have something to do with that havoc being wreaked.

As a result of the resulting slowing down of my regular aerobic activity I have reached a new weight gain record. I call this my COVID pounds. Currently the poundage is totally 224 pounds.

I got tired of squeezing myself into the two pairs of pants I could still squeeze into. Those two pair of pants have a waist of 38 inches. Before I gained all this poundage I needed a belt to keep these pants from dropping to my ankles.

So, growing tired of tight fits, I bought a couple pair of COVID blue jeans. Wranglers with a 40 inch waist. These require being belted.

And that has been my exciting day, so far, as this troubling year moves on and on to its soon to end date...

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