Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mr. Spiffy Discovers Another JD Construction Failure

I saw that which you see above, yesterday, on Facebook, via the dapper man known as Mr. Spiffy.

Mr. Spiffy's explanatory text about that which you see above...

Abandoned and partially finished public works projects (like Panther Island in Fort Worth) is nothing new. Here ancient Egyptians left an unfinished giant obelisk when Nefertiti's son, JD Nefertiti, formerly an assistant scribe, was tasked with raising the enormous monument. After spending all the money on giant parties where everyone floated in the filthy Nile, they abandoned the project after they ran out of gold and honey.

I read what Mr. Spiffy wrote and commented that "I wish I was blessed with operating at your level of creative imagination..."

I wonder if JD Nefertiti was fired when he was unable to erect that obelisk, along with wasting all that money hosting giant parties on the polluted Nile.

I suspect the ancient Egyptians were not as forgiving of incompetent failures as is the case in not so ancient Fort Worth...

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