Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Great District 12 Pudgy Putnam Pretender Unhinged & Exposed

Yesterday on Facebook I saw that which you see here, well, part of what I saw on Facebook. screen capped, omitting the part identifying who posted this.

The 13 graphics documented that which one reads when clicking on the "See More" link.

I knew there was something not quite right about the guy who the Tarrant District 12  right wingers think has a chance to replace the current occupant of the District 12 seat, Kay Granger.

Primarily it is Granger's challenger's imbecilic Trump fawning which was an indicative warning.

Some Democrats think the best way to get rid of Granger is by having a flawed right wing Trump loving nut job beat her in the primary, making for an easy win for the Democrat in the expected Blue Tsunami Wave of 2020.

After all, Beto beat Cruz in Tarrant County in the 2018 Senate race.

I know of some deluded naive sorts who think getting rid of Granger is the goal, and that it does not matter if a right wing nutjob replacement is seriously flawed, and likely a future embarrassment to Tarrant County, and Texas, should a fluke occur, with Pudgy Putnam elected.

Those who repeat that flawed it takes a right wing and a left wing for a bird to fly metaphor ignore the reality that if the right wing is malfunctioning, deformed, broken, or stupid, the bird has a lot of trouble flying, no matter how well developed the left wing is.

If I remember right I have explained previously why I think it is just fine to engage in the uncivil name calling behavior, making fun of the overweight Putnam by calling him Pudgy, since this is the low standard which has been set by Pudgy's hero, Trump.

Before, reading this Facebook post about Pudgy Putnam I had no idea he had so much in common with his Trump hero, ethics-wise, truth-wise, name calling-wise, financial finagling-wise, and other-wise, including apparently there have been multiple children born to multiple wives, though, I don't know if the number totals equal or exceed Trump's.

And now, on to the text of this enlightening Facebook post which you see when you click to "See More" ...


While Granger’s opponent is out touting several things about who he is and what he wants to accomplish; I’d like to point out another side that her opponent doesn’t like to talk about.

1. Granger’s opponent stated he was offered an “in” with TAD to reduce his property values while in office. While he claimed he did not pursue it, his home value decreased $207,000 while he was in office. An Open Records Request shows no record of him reporting this “in.” His home value increased $795,386 when he sold his home. How does his home decrease in value 5.11% while he is an elected official when every other home on his block increased an average of 22.83% over the same time? This represents a 27.94% difference.

2. He claims he provided for the first known tax cut in city history while on the Colleyville City Council. The fact is, each year he was on the council, ad valorem tax collections increased (12.3% from 2014 – 2017). For comparisons sake, property tax collection only increased 6.8% from 2009 – 2014. He also ignored the city’s own CAFR that would have shown him the city of Colleyville actually collected less in property taxes in 2011, 2012, and 2013 than they did in 2010.

3. President Trump has openly supported and endorsed Kay Granger in this race, not her opponent. Even the President understands how toxic Granger’s opponent would be in Washington. To be clear, Trump endorsed Granger on 12/17/19. He also had some nice things to say about Kay at his Dallas rally on 10/17/19. Nor do I understand why Putnam is attempting to tell everyone that Kay Granger is currently pro-choice when she is endorsed by the pro-life groups Susan B. Anthony Candidate Fund and the National Right to Life Organization; then again, her opponent has not been able to tell the truth about many subjects in the almost 3 years I’ve known who he is.

4. Granger’s opponent is telling his supporters that Trump endorsed all of the incumbent Republicans right before the impeachment vote. He obviously forgot to verify this information. Ballotpedia only shows 4 endorsements from the House, with Granger being the ONLY one from Texas. As Putnam frequently has done, when the facts do not support his narrative, he just keeps repeating the same lie and hopes people will believe it.

5. Kay’s opponent likes to spout his successful business career. The fact is, her opponent’s business was kicked off of Nasdaq over a fraud allegation of inflating their revenue. The court proceedings that followed indicate that Kay’s opponent was aware this was going on.…/AMEN…/njd-3:2017-cv-02978-00081

6. Kay’s opponent was incredibly proud to state that he raised over $500,000 in a week. What he failed to mention is that he gave himself a $250,000 loan, not to mention his college aged children also managed to donate $5,600 to his campaign as well. In total, only about 5% of his total campaign funds have actually come from inside District 12 as can be verified from his campaign finance reports.

7. Kay’s opponent lives in Colleyville. To be clear, Colleyville is not in District 12. Her opponent is not even able to vote for himself in this election. While his supporters claim he owns a home in District 12, the only home I’ve been able to locate using Tarrant, Parker, and Wise counties appraisal districts is his $1.5 million dollar home in Colleyville. His college aged son indicated a home address in Forth Worth when he donated to his father’s campaign but according to the appraisal district, this is a rent house. Furthermore, the address that Putnam used when he gave his campaign a $250,000 loan comes back as a Parcel Plus storefront; in Virginia. Why is Kay’s opponent going to such lengths to hide where he really lives? Even the CEO of one of the groups endorsing him questions why someone would run in a district that they do not live in. Putnam’s own Congressman is stepping down and not seeking reelection. Why didn’t he run in the district he actually lives in?

8. Kay’s opponent thinks sexual assault is something to joke about. During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Mr. Putnam thought it would be appropriate to claim that Diane Feinstein raped him when he was 13. Is this the mentality that you want representing your values in Washington?

9. Mr. Putnam fully supported, and still supports, an elected official in Colleyville that Chief Justice Brian Quinn wrote about, “…Interacting with prostitutes because “it was to be funny,” sexual promiscuity, and fondling a drunk stepsister who later protested adds plausibility or factual bases to Fletcher’s characterization of Lindamood as a sexual predator...” Rape jokes, supporting a married elected official that took advantage of his intoxicated stepsister; Kay’s opponent seems to have a problem with understanding what good character truly means.…

10. Kay’s opponent claims he will be accessible, responsive, and accountable to all constituents – even Democrats and the liberal media. What Mr. Putnam will not tell you is that he will want to see your W2 before engaging with you. Specifically, he thinks you are only worthy to talk to if your bank account meets his approval.

11. When Kay’s opponent perceives you as a threat to his success, or you are successful in calling out his lies, his go to response is to threaten to sue you. What’s particularly interesting is his comment about asking someone how getting sued works and pointing out that she has been tied up in a suit for three years (now six) at tremendous expense. Kay’s opponent will do whatever he can to silence those that show who he really is.

12. Kay’s opponent incorporated Direct Action Texas in 2017. After his wife lost a school board race in Grapevine – Colleyville ISD, he used DAT to submit open records requests, in multiple districts looking for, “…all personnel records and correspondence relating to disciplinary action, job performance, and/or separation from the district for Greg Hart.” When Kay’s opponent is unable to argue facts, he tries his best to discredit the messenger. Why does an organization that claims to focus on government transparency, government ethics, public debt, and civil liberties find it necessary to seek information regarding disciplinary action about a teacher that opposed his wife in a school board election?

13. With Granger’s opponent being nothing more than a school yard bully, he found it convenient to delete all of his social media accounts prior to running for office. What he did not count on are the screenshots that show exactly what kind of person he really is.

14. Mr. Putnam feels the only way to win an argument is to personally attack those that disagree with him. These comments truly speak for themselves as they relate to Mr. Putnam’s character. What kind of person tries to belittle an educator for taking a second job to help make ends meet? Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in a million dollar home.

15. In my experience with Mr. Putnam, when the facts do not support his narrative, he makes up his own. As his wife ran for school board, Mr. Putnam continually lied about our school district, Grapevine – Colleyville ISD. His anger towards me comes from my constantly calling out and correcting his misinformation and lies about our district.

16. Kay’s opponent has a difficult time accepting reality. When his wife lost in her school board race, he tried to blame it on mail in ballots. To be clear, there were 339 absentee votes out of 6,216 votes cast. In reality, our community understood that while his wife is a nice lady, his influence on our district would have caused significant damage to the success of our district. Grapevine and Colleyville both voted overwhelmingly for the incumbent in a 63.87% to 36.13% landslide. Granger’s opponent, once again, has a problem with truth.

17. Granger’s opponent claims he worked in the private sector for 30 years (although his resume with his former company does not support this), building a startup company into a multi-billion-dollar company. The fact is, his company misrepresented their financials and the value of the company, and the stock, tanked. Putnam was aware that that the financials were not accurate yet he still walked away with about a $1,000,000 buyout when he left the company.

18. Once again, I’m reminded of Chris’s “promise” to listen to everyone. The problem with his promise is that it is a lie. Not only has Putnam deleted my comments from his page, he has blocked me from further commenting. I guess being a teacher means my W2 does not meet his approval for open dialogue. So much for his “promise.”

Like Putnam, I am not able to vote in this election. My prayer is that as you vote in the upcoming primary I pray you stop and reflect on the character of who you are voting for. I’m tired of people like Kay’s opponent making things up and attacking people because they disagree with them. Elected officials should work together for the betterment of our country. In my dealings with Granger’s opponent, he has proven himself to be unethical, a liar, and nothing more than a school yard bully. There is no doubt that our country deserves better than Kay’s opponent.


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Kremlin Kay (Granger) sends you wet kisses from Russia with love for posting this exposé of Pudgy Putnam.

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You're taking something Greg Hart says as gospel?! Talk about nutjobs, he takes the cake.