Thursday, February 6, 2020

Day Two Iceman Blizzarding North Texas

It is the morning of the day after a day of snow blanketed North Texas.

During yesterday's ongoing blizzard eventually I could take being snowbound no longer.

At the point in time, yesterday, when I left my abode, the view from my living room window is what you see photo documented, looking north past some shivering blinds.

Before I forget, I must mention a word or two of appreciation of our US Postal Service.

On Monday I ordered a couple items from Amazon. The projected shipment arrival day was Friday.

However, Wednesday morning I got an email from Amazon telling me the shipment was already out for delivery, two days early.

I left my abode, went to the mailbox, and found that which I had ordered only two days before, successfully delivered by the Post Office, always true to their "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" motto.

I brought the packages back to my abode and then made my way through the blowing snow to my motorized means of locomotion to take an icy drive to ALDI and Walmart.

As you can see the road at the point in time I was driving on it was not covered with snow, and not yet slippery from a coat of ice.

I think a snowplow may have cleared the road. Though I do not remember ever seeing a snowplow in Texas of the big truck sort.

Eventually I made it to the Walmart parking lot, which is the view through my windshield, and snowflakes, you see above.

A device which looked like a riding lawnmower on steroids was snow plowing the Walmart parking lot, leaving big piles of snow which will likely take several days to disappear, if above freezing temperatures ever return.

Currently the temperature, this Thursday morning, is 14, with the wind chill making those 14 degrees feel like 5.

I think I may resist the need to escape being snowbound today...

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