Sunday, February 2, 2020

81 Degree 2/02/2020 Super Bowl Sunday In Texas

Til this mighty fine Sunday of 2/02/2020 it had been several days since my bike convinced me it was warm enough to enjoy a pleasant bike ride.

When last I was out in the outer world for some salubrious endorphin inducing activity, as in, yesterday, I found the outer world to be too chilly and myself underlayered with outerwear.

And now, one day later, a day like today would be considered a HOT summer day back in my old home zone of the Pacific Northwest.

Tomorrow is currently scheduled to be another HOT day. And then Tuesday winter returns with the temperature plummeting to well below freezing, along with likely snow, possibly in blizzard form.

So far this winter has seemed extremely mild, compared to my previous Texas winters.

I remember doing a lot of shivering last winter. I flew out of Texas in early March of last year. That day was extremely cold. Two weeks later I returned from being HOT in Arizona to find it was no longer long pants and coats season in Texas.

Today, on this second day of February it was also not a long pants day, bike riding in shorts and a t-shirt.

As you can see via the accidentally selfie I somehow managed to take with my phone we are currently sweltering at 81 degrees in the middle of this Sunday afternoon.

The 81 degrees has not caused me to want to turn on my abode's air conditioning.

But, this morning, whilst returning from ALDI, I did turn on my motorized motion devices A/C.

I am prepared for my Super Bowl Party. Air fried chicken wings are awaiting being re-heated, along with onion rings, and other delicacies...

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