Monday, February 24, 2020

Cowboy Hank Frank's First Howdy To Uncle Durango

Two videos arrived on my phone Sunday night.

I YouTubed both videos, one of which you can watch below.

Both videos feature the youngest member of the Jones family, Henry Francis, better known as Hank Frank.

Hank Frank's grandpa is my little brother, Jake.

The first of the two videos was aimed at grandpa Jake, with Hank Frank taking a break from eating an apple to wave and say hi to his grandpa, who is currently in recovery from surgery mode, in Arizona, with Aunt Jackie being his primary caregiver.

Last week Aunt Jackie returned to Arizona from her first trip to Washington in several years. During her Pacific Northwest visit Aunt Jackie did not make it as far north as our old home zone of the Skagit Valley, which is where Hank Frank and his cousin, Spencer Jack live.

So, Aunt Jackie did not get to meet Hank Frank for the first time.

I suspect Aunt Jackie's first meeting with Hank Frank will likely take place the same time as mine, as in this coming Summer.

I wonder if we will get to go to Spencer Jack's Fidalgo Drive-In in Anacortes.

I understand Spencer Jack makes excellent blackberry milkshakes and fish and chips.

Hank Frank eating an apple from his orchard got me wondering if Linda Lou ever made her scheduled visit to Hank Frank's Fruit Stand.

I must remember to ask when next I talk to Linda Lou.

Hank Frank turned one year old this past September 26. Which would make Hank Frank about one year five months old, currently.

Via the video evidence Hank Frank appears to be steadily mobile and audible at his relatively young age.

In the below video Hank Frank puts on his full size cowboy hat and proceeds to say a hearty howdy to his Uncle Durango.

Just as I was typing the above sentence mentioning Hank Frank putting on his full size cowboy hat Hank Frank's dad texted asked me if I recognized the hat. I had not til asked, then looked at the above screen cap and realized this was the cowboy hat I gave Joey back in 2015 when I met him at McDonald's in Grapevine when Joey was in DFW doing something electrical for Expedia.

And now, that aforementioned video of Hank Frank in cowboy hat mode...

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