Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Fort Worth's Slow Motion Imaginary Island Project May Get Even Slower

Email from the retired Elsie Hotpepper's granddaughter, Mrs. TB, told me to "Watch the Video, Priceless!"

Elsie Hotpepper granddaughter is not nearly as verbose as her grandma.

The email included a link to an NBC 5 news segment titled Fort Worth’s $1.2B Panther Island Project May ‘Take a Pause’ Amid Funding Questions.

Prior to hearing from Mrs. TB I had already heard about the Panther Island pause.

When I heard about the pause I wondered how anyone would notice, you know, what with the mess which has become known simply as the Boondoggle, has been ambling along in slow motion, with little to show for the effort, and millions spent, for most of this century.

Just the three bridges part of the Boondoggle, one of which NBC's Scott Gordon is pointing to, have been being built in ultra slow motion, virtual ongoing pause mode, since their construction began with a ridiculous TNT exploding ceremony, was back in 2014, with an even then astonishing four year project timeline.

A four year project timeline which has now been paused into some point later this decade. Or maybe the next decade.

Look at that bridge skeleton Scott Gordon is pointing to.

Built over dry land, supposedly to save money and construction time, when there never was any other option than to build the bridges over dry land, because there will be no water under the bridges until a cement ditch is dug under them with polluted Trinity River water diverted into the ditch.

In addition to the claim these bridges are being built over dry land to save time and money, the idiots who foisted this on Fort Worth, well, more specifically, to name a specific idiot, Kay Granger's son, J.D., has claimed these are "signature" bridges.

You know, a signature bridge, like the Golden Gate bridge, a bridge being an iconic symbol of a town. The sort of iconic signature structure many towns have which the rest of the word recognizes, such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, the Space Needle in Seattle. That type thing.

Looking at that photo of one of these Fort Worth imaginary "signature" bridges, is it not sort of difficult to conjure just how stupid a person has to be to think such a bridge would become iconic?

And yet J.D. Granger keeps getting paid by the Boondoggle overseers. Even though he was fired from his Trinity River Vision Authority Executive Director job, and instead put in charge of the flood control part of the project. You know, where there has been no flooding for over half a century, due to flood control which already exists.

J.D. got fired, after overseeing a mess which has become a boondoggle, and yet he is still being paid his over $200K a year salary, along with perks and other benefits, such as also employing his most recent wife in another high paying job, though no longer working directly under her husband, well, not while at work, supposedly.

J.D. keeps milking the Boondoggle. His mother somehow keeps her job.

But, the upcoming expected Blue Wave Tsunami may finally put an end to Kay Granger's reign....

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