Friday, July 14, 2017

Careful Rolling Past Unguarded Section Of Wichita Falls Circle Trail

Rolling along the many miles of the Wichita Falls Circle Trail one comes to multiple locations where a semi-steep drop-off has necessitated the need for the installation of a guard rail so as to prevent a wandering walker or a biker in wreck mode from careening off the trail and tumbling down a semi-steep slope.

The nature of the guard rails is different  at various locations along the Circle Trail.

Except for one location the Circle Trail guard rails are made of metal, in variations iterations and degrees of thickness.

The one location where the Circle Trail  guard rail is not made of metal is the section which passes under Midwestern Boulevard.

At the Midwestern Boulevard section of the Circle Trail the guard rail is made of wood. And is very flimsy.

Flimsy with a large section of the wooden guard rail missing, right where it would appear to be most needed, as you can see via the photo documentation above.

What knocked out this chunk of wooden guard rail? A biker careening out of control? A vandal?

I first noticed this missing section of wooden guard rail at least six months ago. So, this is not a new problem shortly to be fixed.

If it was deemed that various sections of the Circle Trail need guard rails for safety sake, why has this section been left unsafe for so long?

And why is it made of wood, not metal, matching the quality of the other Circle Trail guard rails?


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