Monday, July 3, 2017

Early Morning Mount Wichita Volcano Ride With No Firecrackers

Soon after the first July Monday morning sun arrived, after being fueled by coffee, I opted to roll my wheels, and my handlebars, for a few miles to the west, to get myself an up close look at the Mount Wichita pseudo semi-volcano, which appears, here, to be erupting, with lava spewing from the volcano's crater, flowing down the south side of the volcano.

Or that may be an eroded trail to the top of the volcano, and not a lava spew.

For well over a year I have looked out my kitchen window whilst brewing my morning coffee to see a lot of Wichita Fallers out on the Circle Trail, with the majority in rolling their bike wheels mode, along with some joggers, skateboarders, stroller pushers and walkers.

With me back in bike riding mode this seemed like a good morning to join the throng on the Circle Trail.

Tomorrow, what with it being the 4th of July, the only thing I sort of know I am doing for sure, is going to downtown Wichita Falls to watch the 4th of July Parade.

I have been asked to go to Charlie in the afternoon for that little town's 4th of July celebration. Charlie is about 20 miles northeast of Wichita Falls, slightly south of the Red River, and Oklahoma. All I know about the Charlie 4th is it involves listening to music and consuming watermelon.

I have yet to hear a single firecracker cracking.

My old home zone in Washington was always like being in a war zone during the 4th of July period. Not that I have actually ever been in a war zone, but I imagine such to be like the explosiveness I used to experience this time of year at my location in Mount Vernon.

From my very first 4th of July in Texas, late in the last century, til the present, I have found Texas to be surprisingly quiet during the 4th of July period. I had expected Texas to be extremely noisy. I suppose a lot of the lack of Texas 4th of July noise is due to the lack of easy access to buying fireworks, what with there being only a couple Indian Reservations in Texas, where Washington has dozens of Indian Reservations selling fireworks.

And tobacco.

And operating casinos...

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