Monday, July 24, 2017

Bike Ride Catching Sun With MSU Suncatcher

This next to last Monday of this year's version of July I rolled my bike's wheels north on the Circle Trail to Hamilton Park.

I do not know what Hamilton this park is named after. Alexander, George, or some other Hamilton.

I exited the Circle Trail at the north end of Hamilton Park to pedal through the Wichita  Falls version of Beverly Hills. A wonderfully eclectic mix of what I guess one would call mansions, with the architectural styles all over the place, from colonial to modern, with nods to Greece and Rome and Great Britain.

I exited the Wichita Falls version of Beverly Hills to cross Taft Boulevard to the MSU (Midwestern  State University) campus.

Soon I found myself in the shadow of something I had not seen before at MSU. The giant statue of an Indian you see here.

The plaque under the Indian indicated his name was "Sunwatcher".

The plaque further informed me that it was "Presented by the MSU Student Association Celebrating the 75th Anniversary October 1997".

Anniversary of what? I don't know. The birth of Sunwatcher? The birth of MSU?

The plaque also informed me that Sunwatcher was sculpted by Jack Stevens.

Jack Stevens?

The old codger on the Tarrant Regional Water District Board? He sculpts?

If so why did America's Biggest Boondoggle not hire him to sculpt that homage to an aluminum trash can the Boondoggle paid a million bucks for? I'm sure Jack Stevens would have given the Boondoggle a discount.

And they could have ended up with something cool looking, like this MSU Sunwatcher sculpture....

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