Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Live At The Lake Today With Geese In Wichita Falls

What with the humidity making a temperature in the 90s feel as if the temperature is over 100, hiking, walking or roller blading is not a comfortable endorphin inducing aerobic activity.

However, riding a bike is totally doable, with what amounts to natural air conditioning keeping one relatively cool, til one stops rolling.

Today I rolled around the maze of paved alleys which run all  over my Caribbean neighborhood, eventually making my way to Sikes Lake where I stopped under the shade of a tree and took the above picture of my handlebars pointing at the Sikes Lake Pavilion, Sikes Lake, and a sign touting something called "LIVE AT THE LAKE".

I do not know what "LIVE AT THE LAKE" is, but according to the sign it has a lot of sponsors.

I know live music happens at the Sikes Lake Pavilion every once in awhile. Live music is likely what  is going to be  "LIVE AT THE LAKE".

I wonder why Wichita Falls does not have Rockin'  the Lake Happy Hour Inner Tube events in Sikes Lake with the floaters listening to music coming from the Sikes Lake Pavilion?

Fort Worth has Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube events at an imaginary pavilion by an imaginary island. I suspect Sikes Lake is much less polluted than Fort Worth's Trinity River which hosts floaters of various sorts when the river is deemed to have a safe level of e.coli and alligators.

A problem with Rockin' the Lake in Wichita Falls would be that Sikes Lake is home to a large number of geese. Those birds seem to be extremely territorial. I had to have words with a couple stubborn geese today who were reluctant to grant me passage.

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