Monday, July 31, 2017

Rolling Around Mount Wichita Thinking About Heading North To Washington

This final Monday morning of July of the year 2017 I took my bike on a Circle Trail roll to Lake Wichita.

About a third of the way on this morning's bike roll I stopped for a drink on the Lake Wichita floating dock, which is what you are looking at here.

No waves were disturbing the peace of the lake, so there was no rocking and rolling whilst stationary on the dock.

The goal of this morning's roll, from the dock onward, was to head across the dam, exiting at the north end, then taking the unpaved, crushed rock trail to the north end of Lake Wichita Park, then continuing south on the continuing unpaved, crushed rock trail til eventually reaching the west side of Mount Wichita, that volcano like dome you see above, on the opposite side of the lake.

By the time I returned to my abode my bike's odometer indicated I rolled a little over 12 miles this morning.

A week from tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I will find myself in one of the mountain bike meccas of the world, the Pacific Northwest.

I wish I was able to take my bike with me. My nephew Theo has become a mountain biker. And his town, Tacoma, has a new park with what look to be real good mountain bike trails.

If I remember right, and I usually do, the last nephew I mountain biked with was Theo's cousin, Spencer Jack's uncle Joey, at some point in time late in the previous century.

I should be seeing both Spencer Jack and his uncle Joey the Saturday following my Washington Tuesday arrival, about 100 miles north of Seattle, in Lynden, about four miles south of the Canadian border.

I do not think I have been to Canada since shortly before I moved to Texas, when Spencer Jack's dad, Jason, took me north to ride the Skytrain to downtown Vancouver, and beyond.

I understand it is not as easy to cross the border as it was when I lived in Washington in the previous century.

However, as far as I know, no wall has yet been built to separate the two countries...

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Anonymous said...

You could go biking with that guy from Duck Lake or wherever he lives. He's the guy who blogs about riding and worked at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth. He comments here occasionally. I don't know