Sunday, July 16, 2017

Crossing A Red River To Oklahoma's Kiowa Casino With No Morningstar Buffet

Most mornings for a few minutes I find myself listening to BOB Radio, a Wichita Falls FM radio station called BOB for reasons unknown to me.

Almost every one of those mornings I hear a BOB advertisement enticing me to venture north to Oklahoma to the Kiowa Red River Casino to partake of the vittles at Morningstar Buffet or Morningstar Steak.

Til yesterday I successfully resisted BOB's Kiowa enticements.

Saturday morning I attended the Don't Fence Me In event. After that I decided to head north, to the Sheppard Air Force Base zone to find the El Mejicano Restaurant & Cantina, which is the location of a world, well, locally renowned Mexican food buffet. I was in need of locating this location for an upcoming happy birthday event later this month.

After finding El Mejicano a road sign indicated I was a short distance south of the town of Burkburnett.  I had not ventured this far north since my arrival  in Wichita Falls over a year ago. So, it was on to Burkburnett I headed.

Burkburnett appeared to have maybe seen more prosperous days, likely during an oil boom years ago. The northern city limit of Burkburnett is the Red River. The Red River is what separates Texas from Oklahoma. Just north of the Red River, at the first exit off 277 one soon finds the aforementioned Kiowa Red River Casino.

Last month I was in a casino in Arizona a couple times, at the Ak-Chin Casino in Maricopa.

I did not know what to expect from Oklahoma's Kiowa Casino. The only Oklahoma casino I had been in previously was Winstar World Casino Resort, which is supposedly the world's biggest.

I have no way of knowing, but after visiting the Kiowa Casino I'm thinking it may be the world's smallest casino. However, if that were the case I would think that fact would be bragged about.

Walking into the Kiowa Casino I did see something I saw in  the Ak-Chin Casino, as in giant video game-like slot machines, such as the Game of Thrones one you see below, which I saw yesterday in the Kiowa Casino, and also saw last month in Arizona.

However, unlike the Ak-Chin Casino, and every other casino I have ever been in, in Washington, Nevada, Arizona, California, Louisiana or New Mexico, this particular Oklahoma casino was dead quiet. None  of the usual cacophony of noise coming from the gambling machines.

The silence was eerie.

There were not many vehicles in  the parking  lot,  and not many people inside the casino. The Morningstar Buffet, coming up on noon, had about 10 people in buffet mode. I had never eye witnessed a casino buffet with such a scarcity of customers.

Morningstar Steak, which I heard BOB touting this morning, was closed.

I have long thought one day I needed to venture north to the Kiowa Casino Morningstar Buffet.

When I lived in Washington one of my favorite feeding locations was venturing north to the buffet as Harrah's Skagit Casino.

However, somehow I do not think venturing north to the Kiowa Morningstar Buffet is going  to become one of my favorite feeding locations....

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