Monday, May 8, 2017

Adopting A Wichita Falls Black Panther Baby

Many weeks ago I saw that a small black panther had moved to a secure location under the stairwell of the stairs which lead to the entry to my abode.

After weeks of seeing the small black panther act very skittish when ever she saw me, quickly retreating to her safe place, I decided that, obviously, all black lives matter, and so I took to calling the small black panther, Blackie, and then installed a bowl of water and panther food on the deck outside my patio door.

Blackie now arrives for breakfast every morning soon after the sun comes up for the day. Blackie particularly seems to enjoy her bowl of water. I suspect sourcing water was difficult for Blackie before her current constant supply showed up.

The resident crow, dove and sparrow population also seems to be enjoying Blackie's panther food.

Other than Miss Puerto Rico's cats I have not had much feline contact since way late in the last century. That feline was named Hortense. Hortense moved to Texas about two months before I did. Hortense flew down south. I used ground transport.

Within a year of moving to Texas Hortense had a stroke and died. Hortense was over 21 years old when she meowed her last meow. Hortense is buried in a horse corral in the hamlet of Haslet, located in far north Fort Worth.

Hortense was a house cat. I doubt Blackie will somehow turn into a house panther. But you never know. Blackie is darn cute. not as cute as Hortense was, but darn cute....


Anonymous said...

Get her fixed, please. You don't want 5 little panthers.

Lena H. said...

:::sigh::: My first reaction to your advice to get Blackie fixed was to say that there was no reason to inhibit the increase of cougars in the area. But of course, in the same instant, the wisdom of your words was clear. Cougars are not meant to live so close to humans. They will struggle for food and live with hunger. They will catch people's pets whenever possible for food, and will post a threat to little children as well as to adults. Yes, I hope Blackie gets fixed. Durango, maybe you could start a crowd funding project to raise money for it.