Monday, April 8, 2013

The Continuing Trouble With Fubbo The Hut: Chapter 24

Today brought me more convoluted creepy weirdness from Fubbo the Hut, including 2 emails.

Apparently, Fubbo the Hut loves getting Bitch Slapped.

Individuals with Histrionic Personality Disorder crave attention. No matter how that attention is attained.

Fubbo had been told that if she does not stop emailing me, commenting on my blog, on other blogs about me, or lying about me, she'd get Bitch Slapped, yet again.

On Saturday I blogged The Continuing Trouble With Fubbo The Hut in which I pointed out that Fubbo was lying, again, in claiming I had subscribed to her Flea Market Newsletter.

Clearly these are very serious issues, which clearly is why I am wasting time on this.

The Continuing Trouble With Fubbo The Hut blogging generated 9 comments, 1 of which was from Fubbo, to which I counter-commented...

fubbo/lulu said...
You will be happy to know that I personally went and removed you from the list. You seemed to have opened every one of the newsletter's we sent you. Nice you like to keep such a good eye on me. But really, you can move on now.

Durango said...
Fubbo/Lulu, it was you who added me to your list, so it is a rare instance of you doing the right thing, for you to remove me from this list. Yet you could not stop yourself from lying, yet again, claiming you somehow can tell I opened every one of these newsletters. Methinks it is you who spends too much energy keeping an eye on me, via stalking my blog. So, me additionally thinks it would really behoove you to take your own advice and move on. Preferably to another planet.

Well, the above exchange drove Fubbo's Histrionic Personality Disorder up a notch. This caused Fubbo to make screencaps that she thought proved I'd been opening her Flea Market Newsletters to which I had not subscribed. What Fubbo apparently failed to notice was that her screencaps did prove that I had not subscribed to Fubbo's Flea Market Newsletter, that it was, as I said it was, that Fubbo had put me on this list.

I then replied to Fubbo's Screencap "proof" email with the following...

I am sure you believe that somehow something is able to track whether an email is opened because this "service" you are using is leading you to believe this is the case. 

Additionally I have not claimed I have never opened one of your spam emails. I have done so more than once anticipating some amusing bit of cray/cray. I am usually disappointed by the lack of cray/cray but appalled by grammar and syntax faux pas.

The best part of this data, that you just sent, was the part that said, Subscribed: Dec. 11, 2011 03:35 pm from N/A (You added this member).

Seems like only yesterday you were trying to claim I had subscribed to your Flea Market Newsletter. I'll help you out with your next lie. Just claim I magically hacked into your computer and nefariously added myself to your subscriber list, nasty dastardly bastard that be me. To make it even a better lie, add that you've consulted with the FBI about this crime and they are coming to investigate.

Anyway, thank you for the additional Fubbo Fodder. I'll try and find the energy to use it, but, lunch comes first.

Fubbo then replied to the above email, with her 2nd forbidden email of the day. In this email Fubbo pretty much ignores her previous lies which claimed I'd subscribed to her Flea Market Newsletter saying....

I don't think you are smart enough to crack into my computer, Gooff writes the newsletters so I will be sure to pass your well respected insights on to him. And I did add you because you were on my e-mail contact list, your sister alerted me to this fact, and when I went to look at how many of the e-mails she had opened she had not opened a one.

The most amusing part of what Fubbo had to say, above, is that she now thinks I am not smart enough to crack into her computer. When just a couple years ago, in one of her creepiest Facebook rantings, which came about because she'd been humiliated when caught lying about me on another blog, for which multiple people gave Fubbo a good Bitch Slapping, with Fubbo then making up a lie about me doing the same type thing, telling that lie on Facebook.

My FBI reference above refers to the above paragraph's referenced Fubbo Facebook incident. In that incident of idiocy, all these morons were chiming in with sympathy for the dirty deeds Fubbo was being dealt by nefarious me, when Fubbo told one of the morons that their advice worked, that the FBI was coming to talk to her and check out her computer, which apparently I had remotely hacked. Or cracked.

But, in the past couple years I guess I have become less smart regarding doing computer cracking or hacking, according to the Gospel According to Fubbo the Hut.


Anonymous said...

It seems like just a second ago Fubbo was all butt hurt because she just could not get you to stop whatever cruel thing it was you were saying about her. She made a big deal about deleting her blog because she said you were using it against her somehow. She asked if anyone had any advice about how to deal with someone like you. You said all Fubbo had to do was quit emailing you, lying about you and commenting on your blog. And now you have all this evidence of her doing all three? Do you think this person has any self-awareness of how convoluted she is?

Durango said...

Anonymous, the answer to your last question is obviously NO.

Anonymous said...

Yea..I now get to be in the line of fire. You are not the only person she cannot allow to move on. Who knows the right / wrong of you.. but it is clear she keeps it going as well

Durango said...

Latest Anonymous, I hope I'm misunderstanding but what I think you're saying is you are having trouble being rid of Fubbo the Hut too. In the blogging that set off her most recent Facebook ranting I basically said I'd come to the conclusion she was like a chronic virus or an incurable cancer, that one just has to learn to put up with. And ignore. Til it kills you.