Saturday, February 18, 2012

Next Weekend's Parties With Elsie Hotpepper Being A Wench & Margaret Thatcher

I am hoping to be back at full strength by next weekend. I will need all the strength I can muster.

Next Saturday night Elsie Hotpepper and I are going to The Party in Fort Worth. This is that big party I have mentioned previously for us Fort Worth elite, held at the private country club known as the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Because Chesapeake Energy is hosting this party it is pirate themed. I will be going attired as Blackbeard, while Elsie Hotpepper will be going attired as my wench.

Then the next night, Sunday, Elsie Hotpepper and I will be walking the red carpet at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth to attend the Lone Star Film Society annual Oscar Watching Party.

Us attending have been urged to attire ourselves after one of the Oscar nominees.

So, I will be going as Brad Pitt from Moneyball, while Elsie Hotpepper will put on some big hair and turn herself into Margaret Thatcher.

It should be a very festive evening. Admission is free to the Oscar Watching Party, you don't need a ticket, it is a seating is first come first seated type of deal.

In other words the Oscar Watching Party is a much more democratic affair than is The Party in Fort Worth that Elsie and I are going to Saturday night.

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