Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elsie Hotpepper Has Invited Me To Chesapeake Energy's Party In Fort Worth

Just seconds ago I hit the publish button on a blogging about going to tomorrow's Practice Grand Opening of Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo and now I've been invited to another Big Fort Worth Event.

Elsie Hotpepper has invited me to go to the "The Party In Fort Worth."

Tickets are only $200 a person. For your $200 you get to join Chesapeake Energy 'in a treasure trove of opportunity to help make the 2012 Party in Fort Worth the most successful to date.'

Chesapeake Energy is inviting Elsie Hotpepper and me to join them in 'celebrating this wonderful City of Fort Worth and the Buried Treasure beneath our feet - the Barnett Shale.'

Apparently, each year (since 2004) Chesapeake Energy's Party in Fort Worth has raised funds to support the Fort Worth Promotion and Development Fund. This fund promotes Fort Worth as a great business environment, working to attract conventions to Fort Worth's seldom used Convention Center, tourism, and also seeks opportunities for spotlighting in national media Fort Worth's success story as a diverse city with a robust economy, cultural excellence, and an exceptional home for growing families which has left the rest of the World Green with Envy.

The Party in Fort Worth takes place in Fort Worth's seldom used Convention Center on Saturday, February 25, 2012, with auctions, dinner and dancing.

I do not know what is being auctioned. A dance with Betsy Price? Dinner with Aubrey McClendon?

I also do not know what is on the dinner menu at the Party in Fort Worth. I do know that Elsie Hotpepper is real good at dancing. I also assume adult libations will be available at this party, because, I am sure J.D. Granger will be there.

J.D. Granger's mom, Kay, may be at the Party in Fort Worth, too. Perhaps a dance with the Congresswoman will be auctioned.


Anonymous said...

The Convention Center is actually quite busy. I work across the street and see people there all the time. The city website has the schedule of Convention Center events if you want to take a look.

Durango said...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, regarding the Fort Worth Convention Center and me saying it was seldom used. I should have said seldom used for conventions. And I only say that because I have only rarely noticed mention made of a convention being in town. In the other large city with which I have been familiar it was very evident when a convention was in town, and this in a much larger town, well, the downtown is larger. You'd see conventioners all over town. Sometimes, with a big convention, this would be a nuisance. I've only been downtown once when the Fort Worth Convention Center was open. I don't remember what that was for. Some exhibit, not a convention. The other large convention center in a large town, with which I am familiar, is open every day. You can walk through it to get to a park. I really don't think most towns consider having big parties as being what you have a convention center for. That is what Exhibition Halls are for.