Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung In Texas On The 21st Day Of The New Year

As you can see, spring has sprung, in Texas, this 21st day of the new year. The temperature today required minimalist outerwear. Seems hard to believe just a few days ago we were nearing zero in these parts.

I decided to hike "off trail" today on the Tandy Hills. Nicest day of the new year. Perfect. And the air smelled good.

Hard to believe, on a day like today, windows open, outside air blowing in, that that air has dangerous pollutants in it. But, apparently, it does.

My cockroach spray is odorless too, but it's deadly to the cockroaches.

The last time I hiked the Tandy Hills I saw 2 strange spiders. Today I saw the time type spider again. It looks like some sort of mutant combo of a Tarantula with a Daddy Long Legs. I don't know if there are Daddy Long Legs in Texas. Or if that is their actual name, but it's the name I knew for a big, spindly legged spider in Washington.

I did my "off trail" hiking on the west side of the main trail, looking for the illusive Witchey Tree and Death Van. I had no luck.

But, I did see that brush has been cut on the west side, quite a distance from the main trail, in preparation for Saturday's Brush Bash, where the Tandy Hills Manly Men and Wild Women return, once again, this time to haul brush.

Some of the brush that's been bashed is more like logs. It will require some very manly men to haul the logs out of there.

I think I got myself a healthy dose of Vitamin D today. I feared I was on the verge of Vitamin D deficiency related deficiencies developing, but today's exposure to the sun should keep me free of whatever it is that sun deprivation does to a person.

I hope.


0ccam said...

Yeah, we have lots of daddy-long-legs here. I'm surprised you haven't even seen them.

Durango said...

I am not the most observant person in the world. The Texas Daddy Long Legs have eluded me.