Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tandy Hills Hiking With Wild Women, Manly Men, The Queen Of Wink & Princess Annie

Well. I have had me a day. It started out good with a dip in the pool. A bit before 10 I headed towards the Tandy Hills. I parked on the east side of the park so that my vehicle would be well positioned should I want to escape.

I miscalculated how long it would take me to hike from where I parked to where the Manly Men and Wild Women were assembled.

When the assembly area came in to view I could see that the assembly had not yet started hiking. Don Young was on a pedestal telling the group what lay ahead for them.

About 15 minutes later the hike finally began.

Oh. I forgot to mention, I was not too shocked to see the Queen of Wink and Princess Annie. The Queen had already spotted me, so it was no surprise when I came up behind her and asked what the hell she was doing there. She said Annie kept asking was this person Durango, was that person Durango. And then my, apparently, distinctive walk came into view and the Queen told Annie that that is Durango.

I was surprised by how large the hiking group was. I surmised this was going to be interesting, as it seemed fairly obvious that these people would have widely different hiking speeds. That, and I'd already discovered the trails were muddy, icy and slippery in places.

Every time we'd stop to wait for the stragglers to catch up I'd overheat and steam up my sunglasses. The Queen did not get as hot and steamy as I did.

We reached the top of a long climb. And waited. Annie then launched a berry attack on me with the first wave being a Japanese Pearl Harbor type sneak attack. When Annie came in for her second attack I was well armed with my own handful of berries. She was not expecting that.

Soon Don Young showed up and told us the next stop was Tandy Falls. I was thinking some of this group is going to have a hard time getting down there. My group took off towards the falls, with Annie in the lead.

By the time we made it to Tandy Falls I'd informed the Queen that I had an escape vehicle parked nearby. The Queen instantly subscribed to that plan. Annie was a bit confused, wanting to wait for the rest of the group.

It was fun hiking with that big group, most people I've ever seen hiking the Tandy Hills, but I could not take the stopping and waiting.

So, we loaded into the escape vehicle and I asked if the Queen would like to go anywhere. She had no where in mind. I asked if she'd like to drive around and see stuff. I like driving people around and seeing stuff. The Queen was quite agreeable to that plan.

First I drove to nearby Oakland Lake Park and Fosdic Lake, then down Oakland Avenue, seeing the big Chesapeake Energy complex that pops up at the end of Oakland. Then on to Gateway Park and Fort Woof, pointing out Town Talk as we drove by.

At Gateway Park Annie had a bit of an acrophobia incident crossing the bridge that connects to the Trinity Trails. Then she wanted to go on the dam/bridge that makes a waterfall of the Trinity River. There she climbed down onto the falls and made me a bit nervous.

After we were done with Gateway Park I asked if the Queen had been to the Fort Worth Stockyards. She had not. I asked if she'd seen the new Dallas Cowboy stadium. She had not. Somehow the stadium won out over the Stockyards.

As soon as I got off the freeway it was obvious something was going on in the stadium. I knew it was not a Cowboys game because I was seeing no silver and blue, just a lot of orange. I rolled down the window and asked. Cotton Bowl. Some team from Oklahoma was playing some team from somewhere else. I thought the Cotton Bowl was in Dallas at Fair Park.

And the Wal-Mart Supercenter parking lot was closed off, just like it is for Cowboy games, only this time there were an awful lot of buses parked on the lot. I hope they don't get towed.

At this point in time Annie announced she was hungry. After inquiring as to what type vittles were wanted, we went to Sweet Tomatoes, where Annie made artful plate arrangements with her mom's leftovers.

Before we got to Sweet Tomatoes Annie informed her mom that her phone was making noises. Annie's mom checked her phone to find a voice mail from Don Young telling her the hike terminated by 12:04 and they were heading to 8.0 in downtown Fort Worth. We were about 25 miles from there at that point in time.

After Sweet Tomatoes we headed west with a stop at Veterans Park. I wanted to show the Queen the bizarre gas drilling rig that's right up against an apartment complex. A well dressed woman in stiletto heels walked by as we drove in. I've never seen such a sight at this location before.

Then it was back towards the Tandy Hills where the Queen's Chariot awaited her return. But, before we got there we drove down Carter Avenue, paid a visit to Mother Nature guarding Scott Avenue and then headed back to View Street and the aforementioned Chariot.

So, the Manly Men and Wild Women Hike turned into a very enjoyable day. Princess Annie and the Queen of Wink were a lot of fun. The most amusing thing I heard today came from Princess Annie. She asked me how old I was. Why are you asking me such a rude question said I. Annie then said, "You act 23, but your hair is white."

I told Annie I was 29. She did not quibble with that number. Kids.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Yes...Mr. Durango, the Queen was scolded by Princess Annie as to why she was seeking the affections of such a younger man.

twister said...

I see trouble on the horizon.

Durango said...

Who is this much younger man who's affection you seek?

Who is Trouble and where is the horizon?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Mister Twister,
I don't like your tone sir. Are you suggesting that time spent with the Queen leads to trouble?

Mr. Durango,
I'm sure the princess was referring to the Manliest Man of all that hiked the Hills of Tandy. You know, the one with the white hair and the youngish voice?

Durango said...

Oh oh Twister, it appears you have raised the Queen's wrath.

CT2----I don't don't know if I saw this Manliest Man of all that hiked to whom you refer. Are you referencing Don Young, perhaps?

Manliest Man said...

Damn right! I confess to being a bit miffed that you stealthily kidnapped the Queen and the kid away from the hills. That's treason.

Durango said...

Manliest Man---
It was I who was kidnapped by the Queen. And I too was really miffed about it.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Mr. Durango,
If indeed the Queen had kidnapped you, you'd never gotten away.

Secondly, Mr. Young is very manly, but he's married...the Queen would never think of such!

And why hasn't Mister Twister answered the Queen's question?

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I thought that the Queen was talking about me. I'm still hurt she didn't come by my Hilldom so I could impress and woo her to join my ways of life and maybe even religious sects. I'll just try to get over this missed opportunity and overcome the heartbreak with a bro-date I got lined up. I got Survivor style camp fire and other methods to keep us warm. I'm so looking forward to it that I took my first bath of the new year. I heard he a rugged Yankee. Wish me luck. How's my breath?-Your pal, BillyHill (Wink, Wink!)