Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Car Hits A Tree By The Handley Post Office In Fort Worth

I have no clue about the details. All I know is I saw a strange scene this afternoon when I pulled into the Handley Post Office to mail some important documents to the Queen of Wink.

8 or 9 Fort Worth police cars, a couple emergency vehicles, a lot of flashing lights and one dilapidated looking car slammed up against a tree.

That is the tree and the car you see on the right.

I saw no tasering or any other Gestapo-type Fort Worth police behavior, which is why I referred to them as police, in case you were wondering.

What appeared to be a blanket was covering the back of the wrecked car. That seemed odd to me. There was no rush by the emergency vehicles to take anyone to a hospital. Was this a police chase that ended badly? This is the third wreck-type incident I have seen while at the Handley Post Office. Nothing seems unusually dangerous about the road in this location.

It's very perplexing.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gestapo-type stuff in FW, this picture reminds me to report what I thought was my eyes playing tricks on me a couple weeks ago while driving north on US 35 near I-20. I thought there was a black and white FWPD vehicle, with the light bar on top and all, coming up alongside of me. To my great surprise, the words on the side and back said Chesapeake Security. That is awefully confusing --not unlike how the city and council are awefully and easily confused with acting like they work for CHK when it comes to important policies. has anyone else seen one of these quasi-FWPD CHK PD cars?

Anonymous said...

I saw a white pickup truck that looked to be a natural gas company security vehicle. I couldn't get the name off of it because it was driving so fast and out of control. This is no exaggeration.

It was at the intersection of Westworth Blvd and Roaring Springs Road. I was on Roaring Springs waiting for the light when this white truck with light bar blazing turns south on Roaring Springs from WW Blvd, cuts through a very busy Quik Trip gas station, and gets back on Westworth. At a high rate of speed.

It was a WTF did I just see moment.

Durango said...

Now that is more than a little disturbing. Incrementally, it seems Chesapeake Energy is taking over Fort Worth. I'll be on the lookout for one of the Fort Worth Chesapeake Energy Police Cars.

Durango said...

Anonymous #2---
Now your story is disturbing. I know the Quik Trip of which you speak. I'm guessing something dire must have been happening at a Chesapeake gas well, like what was happening Saturday morning at my Chesapeake gas neighbor. I was right there when the Chesapeake truck showed up, but I only noticed the truck when it turned into the Chesapeake driveway. I don't know if he was speeding up the road to the driveway.

I tell you, these natural gas guys, be it Chesapeake Energy or Express Energy Services or any of the other perps, they really are following their own set of laws, here in the lawless wild wild west of Fort Worth and its environs.

Anonymous said...

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