Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin & Barack Obama On Dancing With The Stars

I don't care how well Sarah and Barack dance together, I still want Cloris Leachman to win. Tonight on Dancing With The Stars Cloris will be dancing the Hip Hop. Whatever that is. It's supposed to be rather energetic, possibly taxing the seeming endlessly energetic 82 year old past the limit of what she can endure. Cloris is quite flexible for an older dame which you can see quite clearly in the photo.


LuluRedstar&Lauri Evans said...

That is the funniest photo yet. I did see Cloris hip hop...pretty good for 82. Susan Lucci looked like she practiced a different dance altogther.
ox lulu

patrick said...

that dancing with the stars photo is a comedic work of art