Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Talking With Linda Lou On A Wichita Falls Bench With No Hot Water

At around 2:40 this final Wednesday afternoon of the February version of 2021 I dropped off the patient known as DB at one of the clinics at which he has appointments with doctors.

I had previously scheduled a 3 o'clock phone consult with the Mount Vernonite known as Linda Lou.

Wichita Falls is a short distance from the location of DB's doctor appointment, and so I parked my vehicle and walked to the top of the falls, to sit on that bench you see above, above the falls, and called Linda Lou.

I did not long remain on that bench talking to Linda Lou, because wind was blowing waterfall mist in my direction. I stood up, looked at the view you see above, and walked to another bench.

Soon after standing up my belt buckle decided to unbuckle. This immediately put my cargo shorts in danger of dropping to my ankles. I had to ask Linda Lou to excuse me for a moment while I secured my shorts and belt.

It seems so odd how quickly we went from living in the Arctic to being back in the semi-tropics. Yesterday the temperature got into the 80s.

A week ago today I was escaping from a Comfort Inn, on ice covered roads, hoping the power would stay on and I could remain in my abode. 

Well, the power has stayed on, but I still do not have hot water coming out of faucets. The natural gas pipeline is the problem. There has been a lot of digging going on, I assume looking for the leaks. Why would a deep freeze cause problems with underground natural gas pipelines? I have heard no explanation for this.

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