Friday, February 26, 2021

Back In Hot Water In Wichita Falls

Late Thursday afternoon lukewarm water began being delivered to my hot water faucets. By Friday morning the lukewarm water had turned HOT, which is what you see flowing from my kitchen faucet above.

I do not recollect ever enjoying a shower as much as I did this morning.

If I remember right there is a song about parking lots with a line something like "You don't know what you miss til it's gone..."

So true.

The power grid going down for two days was bad, real bad. But, I knew being without power would be bad when the temperature went below zero.

When the power came back on, and the temperature went well above zero, and pipes began bursting, I was then without water. I knew being without water would be a bad thing. But, I was prepared, due to having filled virtually everything I had which was fillable, with water, before it was turned off.

And then two days after the water returning, soon thereafter the hot water turned cold. The sub zero temperature had wreaked havoc with the natural gas pipeline in three locations.

I managed a pitifully pathetic version of a bath by boiling a large kettle of water, then delivering it to my bathtub, which I had partially filled with a couple inches of water. This process grew tiresome by day three.

By running water through the coffee maker I was able to have a carafe of hot water next to the kitchen sink for dish washing purposes. Sort of. That also quickly grew tiresome.

Anyway, everything is pretty much back to normal, well, other than the ongoing COVID nightmare...

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