Thursday, February 18, 2021

Sunny Freezing In Texas With Power & No Water


On this 3rd Wednesday of the 2021 version of February that would be the view north from one of my living room windows you are looking at above. 

We are still well below freezing, with the thaw scheduled to begin tomorrow.

The sky is mostly blue, with no threat of more snow.

Not much traffic is braving the coat of thick ice which is the current upper layer of Texas roads at my location.

I lost water yesterday afternoon. It was restored to flow mode around 6 in the evening. At 7 in the evening a text message arrived on my phone telling me water would be turned off today til the city turned it back on, because multiple pipes in multiple locations had burst.

With that warning, last night I filled every fillable thing I could find, including my bathtub. So far the lack of water flowing out of the taps is not nearly as annoying as having no power was.

I have a bad feeling that we are not near the end of this disaster. Maybe we are at the end of the beginning.

We still do not know how many people have frozen to death. How many pipes are yet to burst? How many roads are going to buckle from the thaw?

In Washington after a deep freeze, which I never experienced being as deep as this Texas deep freeze, there are restrictions on roads after a deep freeze, to prevent damage. I would hazard to guess that Texas officials are ignorant regarding this problem, like they seem to be about the solution to most problems other states, cities and countries have managed to solve.

I managed to do my regular early morning yoga exercise routine this morning for the first time in days. That has me feeling a lot better. But, this Texas Deep Freeze Disaster has wreaked havoc with my February Plan to lose my COVID-25.

I think I will need to extend the February Plan to include March...

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