Sunday, February 14, 2021

18 Degrees Below Zero Along With Snow Has Arrived At My North Texas Location

The above is a screen shot from my TV a few minutes before watching Sunday Morning's Meet the Press. Those temperatures you are seeing are the wind chill temperatures. I did not realize that at first, and so was mortified thinking it was 18 degrees below zero.

If memory serves correctly the coldest I have ever experienced is 17 degrees below zero, years ago, in Ellensburg in Eastern Washington, where I was going to school. Returning to Ellensburg from Christmas vacation on the west side of the mountains I remember exiting the I-90 freeway and soon seeing a bank's temperature sign saying it was -17 degrees.

And those were real degrees, not wind chill degrees. 

I remember the following weeks that winter in Ellensburg being brutally cold. Walking between classes would cause ice crystals to form in locations like eye lids.

When I looked outside this morning upon awakening I saw a slight dusting of snow. In the past 10 minutes snow has begun descending copiously.

I shall see if I can take a snow falling photo from my computer room window.

Nope. The photo does not match what my eyes see. As in a lot of powdery snow blowing in.

In the above view we are looking slightly southwest. You can see via the flag waving that a strong wind is blowing in from the northwest. It is all that powdery snow which is making it look foggy in the photo.

I was not planning on venturing out today.

But I just got a notification from Amazon that a package is out for delivery. When did the USPS start delivering stuff on Sunday? Today is not the first time something has arrived on a Sunday.

To get to the location of my mailbox involves about 50 feet of outdoor exposure. When I get the notification that the delivery has been made I may work up the courage and sufficient outwear to venture as far as the mailbox.

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