Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Flock Of Sikes Lake Goslings May Be My Final Blog Post

Well, since I last did the blogging thing Google has totally altered its Blogger app. I do not like the change. This may put an end to me doing this blogging thing. Unless I get used to it. Near as I can tell one can no longer edit in HTML mode. Nor can one align a photo to the left of right. Stuck in the middle is the only option.

Anyway, yesterday, before buying a bag of cheeseburgers from McDonald's and driving west to Electra, the Pump Jack City of Texas, I took a morning bike ride around Sikes Lake, where I saw the large family of goslings you see above. Near as I could tell this was two sets of parental units with their babies.

Okay, I am thinking this drastically changed Blogger app marks the end of me doing the blogging thing. The novelty has long worn off anyway. I don't understand why such a drastic change is made, particularly when the change is not even remotely an improvement.

UPDATE: Praise the Lord, after hitting the publish button I saw an option to go back to "Classic Blogger". So, this may not be the end of my blogging thing...

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Anonymous said...

Adios, amigo. It's been interesting. Pip pip cheerio and all that rot. Fair winds and following seas. Over and out.

Oh wait.... You're not leaving after all? Well carry on with your bad-self then.