Monday, April 27, 2020

No Coronavirus Rock & Roll On Stormy Lake Wichita

With the wind way too blustery for a pleasant riding of my bike, I opted instead to go for a seasick experience, driving my motorized motion device to the base of Lake Wichita Dam, then boldly angling into the wind until I made my way to the rocking and rolling Lake Wichita stormy sea simulator, often used as a floating fishing platform during calmer times.

Whilst bobbing up and down and getting splashed repeatedly by the crashing wave I managed to take a photo across the bow of the floating dock, aimed at the newly opened Lake Wichita Boardwalk.

Eventually I took my sea legs back to stable ground, knocking against the rails of the gangway as I slowly made my way off the floating dock.

Back on solid ground I made my way to that aforementioned Lake Wichita Boardwalk, upon which I'd rolled my bike a few days ago.

Now in the above photo we are at the end of the Boardwalk, looking slightly northeast at that floating dock we were rocking and rolling on a few minutes prior.

The wood skeletons you see through the Boardwalk railing are the remains of the original Lake Wichita Boardwalk and Pavilion, built way back near the start of the previous century, lost in a fire over a half century ago.

So, that has been my staying in place social isolating for today. For the most part not that much has changed in a daily way. However, I am currently out of new reading material due to the library being off limits. I have not gone to ALDI for several weeks, due to it being pretty much impossible to maintain a six foot distance in that store. 

And my plans for the coming summer on hold, that is just about the biggest impact....

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